How to live with psoriasis

girl thinking about life with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, caused by significant external manifestations, contributing to a significant deterioration in the quality of life of patients.

In addition to physical discomfort and external disabilities, patients experience psychological difficulties related to the social and professional spheres.

Due to plaque that spoils the appearance, a person finds it difficult to get a job, try new sports and manage the household.

If we talk about plaques on the face, neck and head, then the sick person may not be able to adapt socially. Such people are often the subject of ridicule or one -eyed look from others, as a result of which they feel inferior.

Low self -esteem, inability to find a soul mate, constant itching and discomfort - all this is accompanied by serious depression.

But don’t think that after diagnosis, life is over. Instead, it provides incentives for professional and social growth. Let’s consider how to live with psoriasis, turning the disease not into a weakness, but into an incentive to move forward, how to eat properly so that the disease doesn’t manifest so abruptly, how to act to get a lot of new opportunities.

Make life easier together

Non -communicable diseases that worsen the quality of life of a sick person can be experienced more easily if you follow the recommendations of experts.

  • Given that against the background of infectious diseases, the specificity of psoriasis becomes more pronounced, patients should direct all efforts to use preventive measures. We need to actively fight cholecystitis, caries, tonsillitis.
  • It is important not to focus on the disease. This involves a long work on yourself, but the results will surprise you. Nervous tension will not lead to anything good, except to worsening, so avoiding stress is the main task.
  • Patients should carefully protect the skin from the occurrence of various traumatic and other phenomena, because even the smallest scratch can cause the formation of large plaques on the skin.
  • The choice of cosmetics is the main task that you have to face. While bathing or showering, instead of gels and soaps, you should use oils. Wipes are completely contraindicated; a soft sponge is appropriate.
  • Solar irradiation has a good effect on the specifics and course of the process, so its use will ensure a long and fast remission.
  • The clothes you wear every day should be made of natural fabrics so that there is no pressure on the skin, as this will cause new plaque. Synthetic fabrics should be completely excluded from the wardrobe.
  • You can engage in physical activities, they provide special benefits if you lead an inactive lifestyle. But it is not recommended to do too much load: the load should be moderate.
  • Try to avoid exposure to household chemicals and detergent powders. Avoid skin contact with varnishes, paints and solvents that can trigger more severe illness.
  • Self-medication for psoriasis is not appropriate, you should not take medications, except medications prescribed by the specialist who is treating you. Otherwise, the disease may worsen.

If you want the lifestyle in case of psoriasis to be the same as that of a healthy person, you must learn to live with your disease and follow the recommendations of experts.

On the quality of life of patients

The quality of life of a person suffering from psoriasis deteriorates significantly. The degree of damage depends on the localization of skin lesions, the severity of the disease in people with psoriasis. In addition, there may be problems in finding a job.

Painful sensations and severe itching can be serious obstacles to doing simple body care activities, sleeping, walking. People suffering from the disease have to limit themselves to certain activities on a daily basis, in particular, this involves the choice of food products and cosmetic accessories.

Health monitoring

the use of vegetable salads with psoriasis

Even minor weaknesses of the immune system, with colds and flu, can be a major cause of psoriasis.

Therefore, it is worth strengthening the immune system with the help of multivitamin complexes.

Vitaminization of the body in psoriasis is one of the prerequisites that helps reduce the intensity of symptoms of the disease and prolong the remission interval.

The choice of effective vitamins for psoriasis, as well as their dosage, is determined by the doctor. Based on the test results, the intensity of the disease, the affected skin area, age and sex of the patient, the specialist prescribes the necessary means in each case.

It is important to ensure that the necessary vaccinations are carried out in a timely manner, including injections against the influenza virus. Don't forget about taking a walk outside.

Lifestyle review

During psoriasis, it is important to reconsider all of your principles, principles and habits. There seems to be a lot to change.

  • Push the candy;
  • Do not eat smoked foods;
  • Do not drink alcohol;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Monitor nutrition;
  • Move simply.

It is necessary to abandon not only active, but also passive smoking, because tobacco particles can get into the skin, which contributes to a significant exacerbation of the disease.

Sleep and rest for the sick

sleep and rest for psoriasis

Patients who have been diagnosed with this diagnosis should have a special relationship with sleep patterns. This is due to the fact that lack of sleep exacerbates the severity of the disease by 2-3 times, which can be explained by a significant weakness of the immune system. The same goes for breaks.

Going out into nature as often as possible, treatment in a country with a moderately hot climate is appropriate. Sanatorium treatment is another way to overcome the obvious manifestations of disease exacerbation.

Patients with psoriasis, in most cases, are shown spa treatments at seaside resorts. Doctors are almost unanimous on this issue, observing an improvement in the clinical situation and a prolonged course of remission.

Moderate sunbathing, swimming in sea water, walking along the beach not only heals, but also contributes to the normalization of the emotional background. At sea, many feel better than in urban areas.

Fasting: is it necessary?

"Hunger cleansers" have recently been often used to cleanse the body of toxins, along with removed sores. In general, this is not bad, but if a person has psoriasis, such behavior can lead to a sharp exacerbation of the disease.

Depending on the degree of neglect of the disease, the treatment procedure for cleansing can last 1-7 days, but you should consult a doctor. Ignoring the recommendations will lead not only to exacerbation of psoriasis, but also to a deterioration in well -being in general.

On the misuse of ultraviolet radiation

There is scientific evidence of a beneficial effect of ultraviolet rays on the course of the disease, but, as they say - "little good. " If you ignore the rules and stay in the sun for a long time, exacerbation of the disease is inevitable.

Severity usually begins in the winter, where you can undergo a course of laser treatment. Also, people with psoriasis are prohibited from visiting the solarium.

Physical training

You shouldn’t pull yourself into yourself and live an unsocial lifestyle, don’t leave the house. Moderate exercise in psoriasis is a common deterioration prevention, so regular walking in the form of running or jogging for short distances in fresh air is indicated for general improvement of the body.

Diet food

Lifestyle in case of illness includes mandatory adherence to the principles of proper nutrition. Few people know that any form of psoriasis is a manifestation of allergic factors, which is why patients are obliged to adhere to the norms and principles of proper nutrition.

foods for psoriasis

It stems from the exclusion from the diet of foods that contain allergens and can cause severity.

  • A complete diet is the key to health and well -being;
  • Balance in the composition of fats, carbohydrates, proteins is a prerequisite;
  • Allergen exclusion will bring closer and prolong the remission period.

Things to exclude:

  • Citrus fruits are the most potent allergen. People suffering from the disease should exclude them in any form, even in juice.
  • Chicken eggs are a food that can cause allergic reactions. You can replace it with quail eggs.
  • Whole cow’s milk leads to a deterioration in overall well -being. However, dairy products cannot be completely excluded.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits with red pigment-tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries. You can eat after heat treatment.
  • Spicy, smoked, fatty and fried foods are needed to be eliminated from the diet.
  • Mushrooms in any form and method of preparation.
  • Spices and seasonings, as well as table salt in large quantities.
  • Additives based on sauces - tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard. It is worth replacing it with sour cream, which can bring more benefits to the body.

All foods should be eaten in the form of baked, boiled or stewed preparations. It is important to adhere to the principle of fractional nutrition - that is, repeatedly, but in small portions. Overeating can cause significant health problems.

If there is a deterioration, it is important to spend the days fasting, but do not confuse such days with health cleansing. During the day of fasting, it should not be fasting, but use only one type of product - apples, kefir. Fasting days are encouraged once a week.

The lifestyle of people suffering from psoriasis can be normal and quite intense, if you follow the recommendations given.