How easy it is to cure psoriasis of the nails. The causes of the disease.

Nail psoriasis – the disease that can be affected by people of any age. This disease is the consequence of disturbances in the body's immune system, is chronic, there may be relapses. The development of the disease contribute to the genes of a person, responsible for the immune system of the body. But psoriasis is a disease that can be treated and preventive measures to prevent its development.

What is psoriasis of the nails?


This is the disease, is the external manifestation that are visible from a variety of damage nail plate. This can be small and dimpled, with different diameters, irregular in shape located on the nails, and the detachment of the nail, which can be partial, and can lead to the complete loss of the nail plate.

Nail psoriasis of platinum accompanied by a change of its color: it may appear white spots, a yellow nail, sometimes, if it is a dark brown and even black hue. If psoriasis of the nail affects the blood vessels, may appear red stripes. Any color change of the nail plate must be a reason for a search.

When the disease may appear in the trough of nails and a board. Sometimes, the tip of the nail is visibly compact and exfoliated.

These symptoms require attention and preventive measures. If the disease psoriasis of the toenails confirmed the immediate need of the treatment, because, in and of itself, the disease does not pass, and late or inadequate treatment can lead to severe complications.

The cause of psoriasis of the nails

The susceptibility to psoriasis is celebrated in people whose relatives are suffering from the same disease. The possibility of transmission on a genetic level for this disease has a large percentage of probability, but is not mandatory.

Sometimes, psoriasis can occur in people, relatives who are not suffering from this disease. The causes for their emergence may become other factors:

  • The stress. Some patients the onset of psoriasis occurred after their experiences and that of convulsions. In these moments, the body critically weakened, which contributes to the development of the disease. Strong stress force the nervous system to switch with the protective function of the body for the recovery of nerve cells, which leads to a weakening of immunity to irregular response to stimuli of psoriasis and the development of the disease.
  • Viral infections. The diseases that are dangerous its complications, among which is the possibility of developing psoriasis. The weakening of the organism, treatment with antibiotics can trigger psoriasis of the nails. Even worse, if the infection were not treated adequately or treatment have proved to be insufficient.
  • Hormonal disturbances. Changes related to age in the body, treatment with medications that contain hormones, can lead to the development of psoriasis of the nails. In such periods, you must keep the body with vitamins and to be attentive to the state of the nail plates.
  • Disturbance of the metabolism. The cause of psoriasis can be and metabolic. Be careful eating food, try once more, to be outdoors, keep the weight.
  • Heredity. Psoriasis is a disease that can be transmitted by inheritance, but it happens not always. If your close relatives suffer from psoriasis, be aware of the first symptoms of its manifestation, because in the initial stage of treatment is much more effective.

Home treatment of psoriasis of the nails


If psoriasis of the nails is in the initial stage, only are visible the first signs of manifestation of the disease, treatment can begin at home.

Before you start the treatment, the certainty of a diagnosis, order to exclude fungal disease, which, by external characteristics is very similar to psoriasis.

The treatment of psoriasis of the nails should start from within". Necessarily, take vitamins that contain calcium. They may help to reinforce the structure of the nail plate and make it less susceptible to pathogenic disease.

Note the vitamin complex, contributing to the normalization of metabolism. This vitamins E, A, c, E, P, which strengthens the body and improves the condition of nails. Thanks to them in the body begin to assimilated the many necessary to ensure the growth of the substance.

Psoriasis is a consequence migrated stress and psychological "fatigue", therefore, the integrated system of treatment, please note that the reception and sedatives and tools needed in this state of relaxation.

Will be useful trays for nails with decoction medicinal herbs (recommended chamomile, marigold, nettle, st. john's wort). To prepare the broth can be the bath-water combination of herbs can be arbitrary. Lower the nails in the hot tub, the decoction and hold hands for 10-15 minutes to cool the water. Necessarily apply on the nails, oil and hand cream emollient.

Resist the manifestation of psoriasis help the rub and compresses oil (we recommend olive oil, sunflower oil and oil of coniferous plants). A small amount of oil rubbed on the nail plate prior to sleep. The butter to soften the nail, saturate it the necessary minerals, oils of coniferous plants have an anti-inflammatory effect. The procedure does not take much time and does not require cooking.

The home treatment in the early stages of the manifestation of the disease is quite effective, but if psoriasis of the nails is in a state of abandonment, the homework, the treatment should be carried out together with the doctor under the supervision of experts.

Nail care when psoriasis

Nail psoriasis is a chronic disease, which can repeat all of the causes that favor its appearance are: stress, diseases, disorders nutritional. When the disease should comply with the recommendations of doctors, preventing the manifestation of the disease:

  • When in contact with household cleaning products, do not forget to protect your hands and gloves, as the impact of costs can cause a relapse of the disease. Included substances destroy the structure of the natural nail plate, weakening it, and helps to cause the appearance of the first signs of the disease.
  • Try to avoid injuries nail plate: a small chip can lead to the formation of infection of the socket.
  • Keep the hygiene of the hands.
  • If psoriasis of the nails have already expressed, it is not recommended to do beauty treatments for the nails. The buildup and the coating of gel is strictly prohibited, such as in closed nails and a board of development of the disease, will not be immediate, which can lead to complications. It is not recommended to use the same decorative veneer.
  • Nails affected psoriasis, best briefly cut: the appearance of the patient's nail is far from aesthetically pleasing; the sick long nails contribute to the development of the disease. The dead of the place it is best to cut.
  • Do not leave the psoriasis of the nails without attention! Necessarily cure!

Diet when psoriasis of the nails


If your nails suffer from psoriasis, you must necessarily order to arrange your power supply, so that the body receives the necessary substance, and the food gave no evil. Medical recommendations regarding diet when the disease is the following:

  • Daily take at least 8 glasses of water in addition to juices and other beverages. The body must have the ability to "expel" from other malicious substance.
  • Eliminate from your diet products: alcohol, even with smaller degrees, smoked and savoury, coffee, soft drinks, French fries. Do not add in foods to vinegar, condiments and spices. It is recommended to replace the sugar is sucrose. It's not worth engaging the fruit and fruit colour red, because they contain substances that contribute to the development of the disease.
  • Make the most of the amount of vegetables in your diet: they contain fibre, which helps remove toxins from the intestine.
  • Eat lean meat, liver. Delete the smoked meat, the fat.
  • Recommend limiting the consumption of dairy products. But make sure to ingest low-fat cottage cheese solids, and cheese varieties.
  • Type diet of vegetables, that can become a side dish to lean meat or turkey.
  • Eat cereal grains (wheat, corn, wheat). Preferably, to prepare them not in the milk and water.

Cure psoriasis of the nails only of energy, but it can help the body resist the onset of disease.

The causes of relapse of psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis — chronic disease, and the occurrence of relapses is possible. Cause from occurring again, all causes: nervous tension, stress, other disease.

To avoid relapse, you must be attentive and your diet, and to total health status, and stressful situations. Do not eat food, able to cause failures in the functioning of the digestive system. If you avoid a stressful situation is not possible, do not take sedatives.

A holiday on the coast to help prevent reintroduction of the disease or increase the spacing between the relapses. The exposure to the sun's rays, sea water and hot sand favorable affect the state of the body and the state of the nail plate.

Make sure preventive procedures: weekly to do baths in a broth of herbs, soften the skin of hands, moisturizing cream. If visible the manifestation of the disease may not occur, apply on the nails, the cure of the varnish.

Nail psoriasis completely cured it is hard, but when regular prevention and adherence to recommendations to prevent the frequent relapses and complications.