Psoriasis: treatment at home

Psoriasis is so heavy and unexplored of the disease, that to this day impossible to determine the true causes of its development. Scientists the world over devote their time on the explanation of the mechanism of the disease. But despite the joint efforts of doctors and representatives of the science, pathology refers to an incurable disease and the triggering factors, influencing the appearance on the body of the unfortunate rash, stay until the end is not obvious. Known as a historical fact, is the statement the most Winston Churchill, that he will put a monument to the person who would be able to clarify the causes of the evolution of the disease and find an effective way to treat psoriasis. As we know, the strategies himself suffered from eruptions on the skin.

Below the article will try to understand how to treat psoriasis in the house and what are the most appropriate methods.

Psoriasis and its characteristics

To this day, on the psoriasis can say the following: the disease refers to a chronic inflammatory process, non-infective nature. This is due to the appearance of spots on the body not virus or a bacterial infection, and a different nature. The manifestations of the pathology is very varied and always depend on the aspect of the disease and the individual characteristics of the human body.

To contract psoriasis of the man, violence or by any other means. The disease refers to diseases of autoimmune disease and cannot be transmitted by close contact. However, the hereditary factor plays a very large role. According to the data of the statistics of the health of the child, whose parents suffer from pain very high risk of developing the disease. And the risk increases if the skin rash have both parents.


The symptoms

  1. The phase of progress.
  2. Fixed the stage.
  3. The regression.

Almost all types of the disease are accompanied by the appearance on different parts of the body plaques and papules, which itch and flaking. For almost all forms of the disease is characteristic of so-called "triad of psa". Are known as the following symptoms:

  1. The appearance of spot of stearin. In order to characterize the appearance on the pidermes spots of different sizes, ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters. The stain may have a round or oval shape and have on their surface with whitish or greyish scales. The layer of dead skin is easily removed and looks similar to stearin.
  2. Terminal of a film. If scratching the scales on the skin of the patient remains very thin pink film. The skin at this place is very tender and lends itself easily to mechanical damage.
  3. Bloody rosa. After the removal of a terminal film on the surface of the dermis, act small drops of blood. They are mainly located on the perimeter of the connection to healthy skin and the borders of the stain.

The exceptions are these types of diseases, such as pustular and guttate psoriasis. In the pustular type of the disease on the body appear a kind of bubbles filled with clear liquid. After the release of the content on the skin will remain red spots, with a bright red or pink hue. At norman psoriasis characteristic peeling do not occur at all, or even expressed in a very low form.

The causes of the pathology

In simple terms, psoriasis is an improper immune system reaction of the organism to external and internal stimuli. Causes of illness can become serious metabolic in the body, thus an allergic reaction. To predict the onset of the disease is impossible. The most probable reasons include the following factors:

  • various allergic reactions of the body;
  • wet and cold is the weather;
  • frequent infectious disease;
  • the hormonal disorders;
  • the stress and mental disorders;
  • the pathology of the organs of the endocrine system;
  • taking certain medicines;
  • the influences of mechanical and chemical on the skin.
psoriasis is-at-hand

When the presence is conducive to the pathology of the factors that has accelerated the division of the cells in the dermis. Still not mature cells degenerate, forming the layers of the skin is keratinized. In these places, begin to develop a strong inflammation, as the immune system perceives this process as an exotic species.

All the theories of the origin of the disease today agree on the idea that psoriasis refers to infectious, autoimmune pathology, heal completely and that to this day impossible.

The principles of treatment of psoriasis at home

Often, people suffering from psoriasis, ask: how to cure psoriasis never at home? Unfortunately, to get rid of the disease can not, even in the expensive and intensive treatment. In most cases, the disease comes back. The state of forgiveness gives way to a relapse and vice-versa. However, the treatment of psoriasis at home is always possible, and the more often its purpose is to get rid of the acute symptoms, as well as to clean the skin of the human plaques and papules. The basic principle of treatment at home – the current control of the disease and the way to avoid the complications of the disease.

Home treatment for psoriasis is the use of drugs of different forms of liberation, as well as traditional medicine. The drugs can be of the following types:

  • the external tool of the application – ointments, creams, lotions, shampoos;
  • the drugs used in the interior – a variety of medications, as well as of the tincture, decoction;
  • lotions, masks and poultices;
  • the bathrooms with the addition of herbs;
  • the sun and air baths.

All types of treatment are focused on the relief of the patient, the cleaning and restoration of the skin.

That must be taken into account during the treatment at home

Treat psoriasis at home should be very careful. Throughout the therapy and before the beginning of the course of medication, it is still necessary to consult a specialist. Also to achieve the desired results is necessary to respect the following rules:

  1. Follow the instructions of use of the medication.
  2. In mild forms of the disease may be limited to ointments and of certain medicinal plants. If the disease occurs in the most severe forms, it is unlikely to avoid the treatment of the serious drugs, such as, for example, corticosteroids.
  3. Be sure to use moisturizing creams. This will help you to keep the natural moisture of the skin.
  4. Remove the crust after softening. You have to be very careful not to damage the skin.
  5. Taking the sun or air baths required to properly comply with the instructions.
  6. Don't need to apply several ointments at the same time. This will not strengthen the treatment effect, but can only cause side effects.
  7. After the treatment you needed a break. The more serious the drug, the greater must be the segment between the reception.
  8. It is very important to follow a diet and the mode of the day. Also need to give up bad habits. Even the most effective treatment may be unnecessary in the absence of prevention measures.

The use of ointments and creams

An effective treatment of psoriasis at home is done using tools designed for outside application. In most cases, these drugs are prescribed by a physician, often because the drugs have many side effects and in case of improper use can cause serious damage to the body. After the diagnosis and the prescription of medication, you can continue the treatment of psoriasis at home. Later in the article, we will look at a group of medicines that are most often prescribed for the condition.

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Hormonal preparations

Hormonal tools affect mainly in the severe forms of psoriasis. These drugs may have a quick effect, but in most cases, the short-term outcome. The same forbidden long-term use of substitute drugs with hormone-based, so that they are capable of causing serious damage to some internal organs. For example, the liver, the kidneys, the heart. Another big disadvantage of these tools is that their application often leads to the development of psoriatic arthritis. Most of the ointments can be classified into the following groups:

  1. On the basis of triamcinolone acetonide. Medicines have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory property. They are well to relieve the itching and swelling.
  2. On the basis of flumethasone, acetonide fluocinalone. Has expressed antiexudative, antipruritic, hypo-allergenic qualities.
  3. On the basis of hydrocortisone. Promote the regeneration and the dermis. Slows pathologically rapid division of skin cells.
  4. The ointment with betamethasone. The means of this group of well relieve the inflammation, eliminate itching and swelling.


The treatment of psoriasis at home is most often performed using the non-hormonal ointments. The main advantage of these tools is the one with the least side effects and the absence of a habituation effect. The data action of the medicines less rapid than the fund hormonal base, however, the effect of the treatment is longer. The main groups of drugs:

  1. Salicylic-zinc ointment-.
  2. Ointments of tar. Have an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-allergic action.
  3. The cream to the vitamin D-. These drugs have a positive impact on the cells of the dermis, to relieve the itching and irritation, nourish and repair.
  4. Supplements means. In their composition, there are numerous necessary elements, such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, and other.
  5. The drug containing fat. The data for drug-drug ways to manage the metabolic processes, and inflammation, eliminate itching and swelling.

Drugs designed to the internal receive

The methods of treatment of psoriasis at home also involve the use of means of receipt internal. The home treatment should include the reception of antihistamines and sedatives.

All means should be fixed taking into account the current of the pathology and the individual characteristics of the patient. Psoriasis and its treatment at home, it is necessary to have an approach and the non-observance of elementary rules can lead to significant complications permanent disabilities of the patient's condition.

Home treatment with active carbon

One of the main causes of psoriasis is a disorder of metabolic processes. A result of which the skin is subject to change. Therefore, one of the methods of treatment of this disease is the use of drugs inside. Activated charcoal has absorbent action on the body, removes harmful substances, contributes to the normalization of metabolism. This drug is often used to treat psoriasis. Emit such methods of use of activated charcoal against this disease dermatology:

  1. Consume tablets 2 times per day. The amount of calculate, on the basis of the body weight – 1 tablet per 10 kg of the Duration of such exposure should be 1 month.
  2. Grind the tablets up to the consistency of a powder, its quantity is calculated according to the weight. Pour 1 glass of water, take the solution obtained is 2 times a day for 2 hours before consuming food. The course of such treatment should be about 40 days.
  3. In the 3 hours before the meal it is necessary to drink 1 tablet. Take 3 parts.

Selection of a mode of reception of active carbon depends on the extent of the lesions of the skin.

The use of non-conventional

How to treat psoriasis at home? Often the house apply unconventional methods of treatment of psoriasis. They include means, such as therapy with mud and clay. These methods are relatively safe, but which sometimes give unexpected results.

Works very well, the sludge produced on the lake Sivash. To buy this tool is available in the pharmacy. For the application just heat up the dirt and apply a thin, uniform layer on the affected area of the skin. The mask leave on for 1-1,5 hours before the complete drying. And then the dirt wash off with lukewarm water.

You can also use white clay. It has a beneficial effect on the dermis, sche, relieves inflammation and itching.