Effective for the treatment of psoriasis at home, recipes, methods


Psoriasis is a chronic disease, has волнообразное term. Home treatment is directed to release acute symptoms, which is manifested by an excess of pimples on the skin, itching and common worsening of the health status.

However, today, the professionals try to develop an effective scheme therapy, and as tools to always forget a problem that does not exist, the maximum that you can achieve a long remission, and is not a complete cure.

How to treat psoriasis at home

The therapy of psoriasis at home will give you the results only when it is used in an integrated approach. The application of the tools of folk medicine, especially in the early stages of flaking capitis, must be accompanied by the ingestion of drugs of the local and the action system.

The acquisition of the herbs, the infusions, and the application of lotions and compresses should connect procedures of physiotherapy. In addition, the fight with the disease should follow some recommendations about the treatment of popular media:

• It is unacceptable to interrupt the treatment, no matter how long he was not.
• All medicinal herbs must collect strictly the established deadline, your need to store and process. Otherwise, the treatment will not give absolutely no results.
• The problem must act not only externally, with the skin side, but also from the inside to the outside, through the strengthening of the body in general. This approach is observed not only in folk medicine but the official. Respectively, in conjunction with the treatment of the skin, you should take folk remedies for internal use. The latter are called upon to stabilize the functioning of the internal organs, enhance immunity and cleanse the body.
• Effect on the body of any external factors, able to run the mechanism of development of psoriasis, one should completely exclude or, at least, minimized.

Fitopreparaty, sold in pharmacies, in their majority, are already processed and contain only the specific components. All medicines collected and prepared personally, can contain the properties that are absolutely not necessary to the treatment of psoriasis.

Also, it is not recommended to self choose your treatment, as this can lead to undesirable consequences. Thus, for example, even the most harmless at first sight чистотел, ingestion may cause intoxication of the organism, a disturbance in heart rhythm and convulsions.

It is possible to cure psoriasis at home forever

The question about whether it is possible to get rid of psoriasis occurs in virtually all patients. Unflattering name tag on the body, covered in grey scales, constant discomfort greatly complicate the life of the patient. And in spite of all the manifestations mainly appear in the body, flake ringworm, is considered not kozhnym the disease, and system.

Really the causes for their appearance are not yet known. Some tend to believe that главенствующим is the hereditary factor, while others claim that all the problems occur due to malfunctions of the internal systems – in any case, the treatment should be only an integrated approach. But, even when properly selected schema therapy, always get rid of the acute manifestations of psoriasis will not work.

Under the influence of factors stimulants, such as stress, bad habits, poor diet, systemic diseases, the symptoms will return again and again. And all the treatment, in this case, it boils down to, to relieve the itching, burning sensation, clear general characteristics, as well as increase the time of remission.

The quickest way for the treatment of psoriasis at home

In the first place, for speedy deletion for psoriasis, you must delete all the triggers. The ill person should to get rid of bad habits, properly distribute the sleep mode and the job, to keep a diet.


Popular even the medicine recommends for the speedy deletion of the symptoms flake deprive such means:

• Lubrication of the label of the ointment based on calendula;
• Take teas sedative herbs, such as mint, lavender or chamomile.
• Take a bath with essential oils, and in the affected dermis to rub the essential oil of roses, daisies, jasmines.
• For a quick exfoliation flaking, rub plate slightly wet with овсяными cereals.
• Take a teaspoon of oil of buckthorn.

These tools have worked well among patients, and also received positive reviews from doctors. However, it is not worth the wait, that already through a few tricks that your condition improves significantly. The course of therapy is no less than a month, and when severe forms of the disease and can not be increased up to three. In addition, such means do not help in themselves, they are used only as an integrated package of therapy, and only for the relief of acute symptoms.

Psoriasis treatment coal activated

Studies on the nature of psoriasis have shown that one of the reasons for this can take the shipping of the body. Therefore, the activated carbon, which in its properties is absorbent, and antidotom, can greatly facilitate the state. On entering the stomach, it reacts with micro-organisms pathogens and toxins, вбирая them yourself.

Take activated charcoal when psoriasis should course, in advance of receiving the advice of a doctor. Generally, are used in the following types of therapy:

• Course duration of 2-4 weeks. The dosage is calculated in such a formula: body weight divided by 10, which will be equal to the number of tablets of 250 mg per day. The medicine should be taken three times a day, in equal portions, with a large amount of water.
• Course x is 40 days, but the number of drugs per day is calculated according to the formula below. In this case, the tablets at a single dose in the blender to powder and pour in the cold water – accepts the food intake for a few hours.
• The duration of the receipt of the 30 days. On the day accepts only 3 pills, one for an hour before a meal.
• Course of 10 days, followed by a pause of 20 and again 10 days of hospitalization and four times, that is, in the amount of 40 days of hospitalization. The number of medications per day, calculated on the basis of single compressed to 6 kg of weight. Received dosage is divided by three.

In the treatment of the activated charcoal must follow a strict diet.

The treatment of soda

Soda when the psoriasis is applied both to the treatment site, both for the interior. According to the opinions of doctors, and more patients, the more effective are such recipes:

• Hot baths are taken every day for 14 days in the evening. In a bath, a volume of 30 to 40 liters, divorced, 900 г. sodium.
• Treatment with a solution of soda cards. In a glass of water dissolves 2 ч. л. soda and pour the mortar three times per day протираются affected.
• Compresses two times a day. To prepare should be 2 tablespoons of soda (large) pour a small amount of water to form a mass similar to the mass. The course of such treatment one or two weeks.
• Hot compress: at a reception in 0.5 liters of hot water dissolve 3 ст. tablespoons of soda. The mortar is applied on the towel and is applied to the patient places.

How to treat psoriasis salt

Those patients who already suffer on psoriasis, has already observed that after the recreation marine your symptoms are noticeably reduced. This occurs due to the action of salt in the body. Certainly, each one worsening to visit the resorts or hostels difficult, but here it is treated at home is quite possible.

More effectively settled the bath with the sea salt. If you do not have one, you can take advantage of even the kitchen. To prepare you should pour a packet of salt in a bath with a comfortable temperature of water (not

very cold, but not hot). The procedure is performed in 15 to 20 minutes.

After taking the salt bath, it is not worth vytirat'sya with a dry cloth. Enough обмыться under the shower head and getting wet to the skin lightly with a soft towel. To secure the effect of a plate to apply a moisturizing cream or ointment.

The treatment, by applying чистотел

Чистотел – herb, whose title speaks for itself, it is well cleanses the body. Revenue of different diseases with this plant is applied for a long time, in particular, and for the treatment of psoriasis.

Applying the tool can be in several ways:

псориаз5• A herbal bath. For the procedure require the leaves of the plant, which is pre-pour the hot water and then boiled. The solution настаивается during hours, after which translates into a generated one bathroom.
• Oral is used the infusion, manufactured from: чистотел(2 ст. tablespoons), walnuts (1 tablespoon), mint (1 tablespoon), leaves of blackberry (2 tablespoons). Obtained the mixture is poured into 1.5 liters of boiling water and настаивается 1 hour. Course of treatment – 1 week, 2 times per day 1 teaspoon.
• Juice чистотел oral – 100 мл. is added a drop of fresh juice. Accepts the tool after you eat for 21 days. Each day the number of juice increases and a drop.
• Application for in-house prepares the ointment, using чистотел (2 teaspoons), солидол (100 g) and the ointment Flucinar (15 g). Components of the ointment mixed and insist for three days. Twice a day, the tool is applied in patients plots. The course of five days.
• Ointment, using vaseline and чистотел. Obtained from the mixture rubbed on the skin once a day.


Herbs rates not only lets you relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, they clean the body and skin, improve the metabolism. Fitosyr'and is used for cleaning of the skin, for the preparation of sun, and for oral administration, in conjunction with the therapy system.

It is quick and долгоиграющий effect the following revenues:

• The root sarsapelya (sarsaparilla, smilaks) in the amount of 20 grams finely ground and 10 hours, pour a liter of water. After the infusion, the tool, boiled 20 minutes, the filter paper and lead in until it is hot (part of the broth you can drink later, but on the same day). The three-week course.
• Black elderberries (2 ч. tablespoons), pour in 5 liters of water and insist during the day. The dosage of the floor of a glass three times a day.
• The branches of bushes, burned, and the ashes obtained in equal amounts mixed with vaseline. The tool rubbed on the affected areas.
• If the psoriasis be amazed with the nails of the hand or foot, the use of trays with base in аира, classes, st. john's wort or nettle.
• Baskets of a young sunflower seeds are crushed and poured dry white wine. The mixture insist 2 days, after which the filter paper and applied in the form of compress in the plate.
• Half a cup two times per day, it is recommended to drink an infusion of hops, nettle, leonurus, and licorice root (proportion 1:1:1:3). A large spoon collection over in 10 hours liter of boiling water. Course of treatment – even for the year, in order to prolong the remission.


In the opinion of that solarium beneficial affects the body to the worsening of psoriasis, all converge at the doctors. Were conducted numerous studies, which showed that:

• When the type of psoriasis "these charges are the responsibility" of the sun's UV rays, as well подсушивают the skin and contribute to the healing of ulcers.
• Procedures to "disguise" the signs of psoriasis.
• When psoriasis "Drops", especially in the winter, the body may occur the lack of vitamin Д3. And in this case, the solarium is able to compensate for your.

To achieve the effect fast, it is important that the proper relation of the ultraviolet rays. Beneficially in the plate to act rays of the type a (300-400 nm in length) and the beams B (length of up to 311 nm). The first session of 5 minutes and, gradually, the time increases.


The diet when the psoriasis is an essential component of treatment. Its basic principles are:

• The food is taken often, but in small quantities.
• In the menu, it is unacceptable to the presence of citrus fruits, chocolate and other vysokoalergennyh products.
• Do not use products that contain dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers and other additives.
• It is unacceptable to drink alcohol, even in small quantities.
• From products are easy to purchase should be abandoned.
• Meat and dairy products may not be higher fat content.

Internal means of treatment

As effective internal the people's funds themselves have proven:

• The juice of the laurel. 20 g of spilled material with 0.5 liter of water and boiled on the fire for 10 minutes. Take 100 ml after meal.
• Tomlenoe a tool based on fat nutrii. To prepare 200 gr. fat is a bottle of vodka, a quart of honey, and 500 мл. the juice of aloe. The mixture is placed in a clay pot and sent for 4 hours in an oven heated to 180 gr. Take 15 мл. three times per day.
• The infusion of the malt. In a litre of boiling water during 4 hours заваривают 2 tablespoon of malt. Accepts 6 times per day for 100 мл.

As the home to cure psoriasis in head

In the fight with psoriasis in the head of good help, special shampoos, sold in pharmacies:

• The tools with sulfate, selenium and hloroksinom – they contribute to effective cleaning the scalp in the initial stages of the development of the disease.
• Shampoo with ketokonazolom – neutralize the influence of the fungi, eliminating the itching and flaking.
• Pharmacy tools of coal tar – shampoos, that the insertion on the skin for 2 hours, and only after being washed.
• Shampoos with zinc-piritionom – help only in the beginning and as a preventive measure.

Cooking is really effective tool can be and at home:

• Herb чистотел, chereza, horsetail field in a ratio of 2:4:1 is mixed and 2 ст. tablespoons of obtained mixture, pour a glass of boiled water. The mixture is aged in a steam bath of 30 minutes, after that filter and rubbing it into the inflamed skin. The procedure is executed every two days.
• In equal proportions mix the nettles, hop cones, back аира, чистотел, calendula flowers. Proportion: a portion of the sheet in two roots. The mixture is poured a liter of boiling water and aged in a steam bath. Is used the infusion to wash the head three times per week.
• A good effect has and massaging the scalp with rosemary oil, almond, a cypress, or peanut. Apply the tool in a night, after which the head wears a cap.