Is the most effective means of psoriasis

The initial phase of psoriasis is not always diagnosed in time. This is due to the similarity of clinical manifestations with dermatitis nature allergic, lishaynyh eruptions, inritant due to contact with chemicals. In such cases, generally apply the ointment for general use, for example: The initial phase of psoriasis

  • based on calendula, chamomile, burdock;
  • containing zinc oxide;
  • rich in sulfur;
  • salicylic acid, ointment;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs ;
  • in more complex cases containing aminoglycosides and steroids.

Instead of ointments you can apply lotions that contain those components.

The future development of the disease results from a pathological condition keratinocytes, lymphocytes and macrophages. As a result of its infiltration into the skin of their individual parts thicken, become swollen, covered specific film brightness. With the time, the posts dry out and can rupture.

During this period, the treatment must be specific and carried out in the context of total therapy of the body.

What are the treatments for psoriasis?

Effective for the treatment of psoriasis is achieved through the following effects:
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Anti-septic;
  • regenerans;
  • The moisturizing;
  • Improve circulation (vascular);
  • antiproliferativo;
  • Cytostatic.

The representatives of such medications are prednisone, hydrocortisone, cyclosporine, for example, the class E.

Negalagenizirovannye glyukokortikoily (advantan, elokom) are also effective enough and practically does not have contra-indications. It is with their participation, it is advisable to perform the therapy of patients in age children and the elderly.

Rincipal reason for the skin changes – the proliferation of T cells – is successfully treated dithranol and media that contain in its composition. An example can be dithranol . The application of such medicines is quite long and can cause adverse reactions such as itching or additional of the edema.

As a function of the aromatic retinoids?

The best cure for psoriasis exclusively difficult to find. Individual approach to each patient is what should be the basis of therapy. Recently, many patients helps drug treatment acid retinóico.

Atsetrin (neotigazon) – the representative of this group of medicines. The effect of its application is the result of a direct influence on the tissue of the dermis, adjust the cell division and death of the young cells. The maximum is safe, does not cause the development of complications. In the midst of the adjust the cell exchange decreases the capillary permeability, is removed the swelling, and improving the water-salt exchange within biological tissues. Out psoriatic erythroderma, to decrease or to disappear "not" pustular precipitation.

Along with retinoid apply local anti-inflammatory therapy (ointment with diclofenac, indomethacin), with the purpose of:

  • The removal of edema;
  • The alignment with the skin of the ground;
  • Resolution of itching;
  • Adjust the temperature of the location.

What is the classification of ointments of psoriasis?

The force of impact of all the ointment can be divided into: weak, moderate, strong and very strong. The patient should not start to be treated immediately with strong components, because it is developing rapidly addictive. In addition, a number of them have serious side effects.

After hydrocortisone (the most basic of ointment that has an anti-inflammatory character), the patient is prescribed flumethasone. It is especially suitable for patients with exudative manifestations. As a result of your application decreases the bleeding of wounds, skin dried and smoothed. If the patient can not occur positive changes in the treatment, going to the point of ointment strong therapeutic effect. Representative is triamcinolone acetonina. It helps to deal with the itching, stops processes inflammatory in nature, the impact of retinopathy proliferative. processes keratinotsidov.

And, finally, the stronger the drug is the ointment clobetasol . It inhibits the actinic cells of the dermis, has antiallergenic effect, regulates the processes of division of diseases of the skin in the tissues.

Can I pass creams treatment?

It is the most effective for psoriasis is the one that is appropriate for a particular patient. In some cases this creams that contain:

  • Vitamin D and its counterparts – tuning of tissue composition and the usefulness of the construction of each cell;
  • Vitamin A and its equivalents – a effective impact on keratinotsidy;
  • Antipigmentatsionnye components .

Very, the many positive reviews of the application psoriatic cream. It contains oil of naftalan and the cabinet of tar. Acting directly on the upper part of the plates is its gradual liberation of scales. As a result of this the amount of platelets decreases, the skin gradually compared with undisturbed plots.

Creams can contain natural and herbal ingredients. Are worthy of credibility:

  • Succession;
  • Cabinet of tar;
  • Manchurian aralia;
  • Seeds .;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • The castor oil and other
As warlocks, and so many recipes.

Whatever the cream was not even selected for the application, it should be applied on clean skin (including waste previous of medicines for the component). Before lubrication of the skin should be thoroughly dry or treat it with anti-septic (in case of availability of exudative manifestations).

What can intensify the effect of ointments and creams for psoriasis?

Today, it is known for a extensive list of procedures of physical therapy, strengthen the therapeutic effect of the active substances. Among them, it's worth stopping for:

  • phototherapy (PUVA), including ultraviolet irradiation (load on the body must be strictly dosed, to prevent the predisposition to morbo oncological skin);
  • Climatoterapia (optimum air temperature, humidity and the mineral composition);
  • Laser therapy (laser happens to have a negative impact on the blood vessels, feeding label);
  • UHT (shock-wave therapy) – the use of acoustic waves within an infrastructure-connected ups. Accelerates the regeneration process of the cells, are smoothed over the scars, aligns the total terrain of the upper layer.

The treatment of psoriasis – the process is long and rigorous. The treatment plan should include medications, systemic and local, forms of treatment and tonic therapy needed to restore the self-defense of the host.

An effective remedy for psoriasis is justified fully, if the spaces between grievances will be less likely, and the rainfall will be characterised by lower manifestum.