The treatment of psoriasis in the popular media, recipes grandma's for the head, feet and body

There are many recipes of folk medicine, through which people are healed of the most diverse and complex diseases. Are no exception, and has proven over the years the folk remedies of psoriasis. In your efficiency to make sure people that, sometimes, unable to help the medicine. After all, psoriasis is not up to the end studied the disease, which is not always suitable medical treatment.

Sad the fact remains that until the end of to be cured is impossible because it does not yet have a drug that would help it. Despite the large number of modern methods of this serious illness, people do not cease to treat psoriasis folk media. The pair with the medicine is possible, if not completely cured of the disease, to reach a long it of remission.

This is important


It is worth noting that the majority of medicines for psoriasis affect the hormones in human and cause its failure. Due to the presence of many side effects of the drug, the situation, in many cases, only increased. There is not always guarantee complete recovery, but also of positive results of such therapy a lot.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that has not been yet invented a medicine to help the healing. The usual course of psoriasis treatment lasts for several months, or even years.

If the talk about folk medicine, recipes from grandma, sometimes, are so strong and varied, which help to cope with the disease. Ointments, compresses, teas, broths, consist of such components which contribute to regenerate the skin and help to fight the disease from the inside to the outside. Music box with such recipes full more secure, and, simultaneously, really effective recipes to prepare which are necessary for the normal products.

Recipes folk of psoriasis

It is important to remember that any popular forms of treatment for psoriasis have to agree with your doctor. Just in case if there are no contra-indications and allergic manifestations, perhaps, this therapy will benefit.

For internal application

The application of infusions, broths, plays a very important role. Through such methods, cleanses the blood, restores and improves the function of the digestive system, normalizes the work of the CNS, increases immunity.

Broth bay leaf

For the broth should take 7 medium-sized bay leaves, bring to a boil 2 St. of boiling water and let it languish in the fire for 10 minutes. Infused broth, it is necessary to strain it. Drunk is a popular medicine in ½ cup of morning and evening, for 7 days. That is the easiest thing popular for the treatment of psoriasis and at the same time with this efficient.

The decoction of herbs

For this, you will need a stock of such herbs:

  • the flowers of chamomile - 4 St. l;
  • st. john's wort – 4 St. l;
  • violet tri-color – 3 St. l;
  • the leaves lingon – 2 St. l.

All of the grass needs to blend. A tablespoon of herbs shed 1 St. of boiling water, onStavetsa for half an hour. At the end of the broth is added 1 St. l. siberian ginseng. Take this medicine need to in the morning.

An infusion of handStOTAland

This infusion is prepared quickly, from 1 h. l. grass, soaked 1 St. of boiling water. After that he onStоandтся not less than 30 minutes of infusion ready for use. Drunk medicine three times a day 30 minutes before food intake. It is important to adhere to precise dosing – handStOTAl poisonous.


Juice of barley

To make this juice is taken in 2 St. l. flour of barley malt, poured in 1 l of boiling water and onStavetsa for 4 hours. Drunk tool filtered by way of 6 times per day in ½ cup. The taste may improve a little with the help of small quantities of honey or sugar.

Infusion of the roots of burdock and dandelion

You should take 1 St. l. plants pour 200 ml of boiling water and a torment in the fire for 10 minutes. Filtered infusion set is used in the form of heat 3 times per 100 ml.

Herbal tea

This tea is prepared your herbs:

  • the leaves of strawberries – 6 St. l;
  • leaves of currant – 5 St. l;
  • burdock – 4 St. l;
  • nettle – 4 St. l;
  • .helandStнandк – 3 St. l;
  • violet tri-color – 3 St. l.

All these ingredients are mixed together. Tea has 1 St. l. pour mixture in 400 ml of boiling water. The tea drink 3 times a day, for ½ cup.

The infusion of agrimony

Cook this infusion involves mixing 1 St. l. agrimony, and 1 St. of boiling water. Infused and filtered infusion accepts 4 times per day 30 minutes before a meal to ¼ cup. With this popular tool psoriasis done at home, not only it is possible to achieve a long remission of the disease, but to establish the function of the digestive system.

Sea buckthorn oil

Cure psoriasis folk methods can be daily consumed within 1 h. l. aboutleпandхового oil, the most valuable product of nature, and can help in many diseases.

Balanced diet

Not only medical therapy and home remedies can help the psoriasis, but also follow a diet. It is important to exclude from your menu dishes, fried foods, eggs and sharp food. The diet must be sufficient in fruit, vegetables, dairy products. It is important to give special attention to the mode of drinking water.

For external use

By using these methods of folk medicine helps to defeat quickly psoriasis, eliminate the swelling and redness.

It is noteworthy folk of the ointment, that is good for helping psoriasis.

Ointment eggs


To prepare the ointment has 1 boiled egg, 1 St. vinegar, 1 St. butter. All these elements should be well mixed and 7 nights are sent in a cold place. It is a folk remedy for psoriasis is applied in the foci of inflammation in the body, for 6-10 days.

The ointment of lard

Is preparing for this ointment on the basis of such components:

  • ½ Cup topleного fats;
  • ½ Cup of caustic cleaning (grass);
  • 2 St. l. camphor.

The fat is mixed in with the grass, is forced through a meat grinder. The mixture is added camphor and heated during the agitation.

Lotion handStOTAland

There are home remedies for treatment of psoriasis, used in the initial, the degree of manifestation of symptoms in the body. One of them, the juice handStOTAland. You just have to clean the plates, it only begins to psoriasis, to a mild form of the disease receded.

Bath in herbs

This method of treatment helps you get rid not only of a flake capitis, but also to all the other problems of skin coverage, related to irritation, rash, pruritus (itching).

To prepare the bath is necessary, in equal amounts to the taking of such plants:

  • sage;
  • chamomile;
  • succession;
  • handStOTAl.

This herbal blend full of boiling water, in the proportion of 1:10, onStavetsa for 30 minutes and went home, full of warm water.

The sea in a house

To perform this procedure, you must fill the house with warm water and add a pack of common table or marine salt. This bath before bedtime for 7 days not only help in the fight against the disease, but the well tones up, nourishes the body, displays to it the toxins.

You can cure the psoriasis, by taking advantage of popular media for 3 days.

Compress of garlic

To prepare this compress, you should take some sort of garlic of medium size and turn them into a porridge, pour 1 St. of boiling water. Infused with a couple of hours the compress is used in the form of a compress on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.

Lotions before going to sleep

With the help of a coffee grinder is mixed with 50 g dried horse chestnut and 50 g of handStOTAland. Converted into powder, the mixture is poured birch tar. Made compresses in the evening to improve the condition of the patient.

Fish oil

oil fat

Using fish oil, the damage in the plate at least 3 times a day, it is possible to remove the bad itching associated with the disease.

Folk remedies of psoriasis in the head

Not always with the help of the people of methods it is possible to cure psoriasis. But they are playing a role as adjunctive therapy in the fight against the disease. There are many effective recipes, to help defeat psoriasis of the scalp.

Recipe no. 1

You are preparing this recipe on the basis of two ingredients:

  • 300 g of handStOTAland;
  • 30 ml of dry wine.

The grass is forced through a meat grinder, pressed to get from it, the juice. This juice is added to the wine. Finished a mix do pee in the affected areas of the skin covering the head in 15 minutes. After that, the head thoroughly washed with warm water.

Recipe no. 2

Proved to be the lubrication of the head and returns the infusion of handStOTAland. If he prepares, he is ¼ St. the grass, mixed with ½ liter of alcohol. Within the hour, and the mixture onStavetsa and is applied by appointment. It is worth mentioning that this recipe can be very damaging to the skin and cause irritation, so, lower the bad symptoms the tool, you should immediately wash the head and rinse the infusion of chamomile.

Recipe no. 3

Helps to combat psoriasis, a tool based on the grey of the stem of the rose hip oil. Get the ash plain. For this, it is necessary to burn twigs of plants and gather in a clean container. Grey mixed with vaseline 1:1 and used as ointment. The daily use of this people recipe gives positive results already in 7 days. Its use quickly polluted the hair, so the head needs to be washed daily with soap tar or healing special shampoos.


Recipe no. 4

Excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory prepared from the components as:

  • 1 St. l. bee;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 St. l. children's shampoo.

In 15 minutes, the tool is applied on the affected scalp and then rinse-off with warm water.

Recipe no. 5

There are and effective recipes of psoriasis in the head the internal receive. To them belongs the infusion of black elderberry. Is preparing for the tool from 1 St. l. elderberry, and 450 ml of boiling water. Elderberries filled with hot water, onStavetsa within an hour. Drinking liquor three times a day for ½ St. about an hour after the food intake.

Recipe no. 6

The compress on the base of peanuts and oils olive oil is a great tool for psoriasis on the scalp. Oil mixed in equal amounts, apply massage movements on the scalp before going to sleep. From the top it is advisable to wear rubber swim cap swimming to swim. In the morning, after waking up, a mask with ease wash them with water with apple cider vinegar.

There are some rules which it is important to comply with in the treatment of psoriasis on the head:

  1. To wash the head to choose from recommended shampoos.
  2. Рandсheсывandться only a means with natural bristles.
  3. Every day, perform procedures for disinfection.
  4. When рandсheсывandнandand the hair, you must be extremely careful not to damage the plaque.
  5. As it can be less try to dry your hair with the dryer.
  6. Not to resort to the procedures traumatic general characteristics of the head and provoke the emergence of psoriasis.
  7. Serious illness forces you to do a short hair cut, which will help to carry out the necessary procedures.

Home remedies for psoriasis on hands

Psoriasis in the hands is one of the most common diseases. It is very important to try to eat correctly, don't abuse carbonated, alcoholic drinks, and do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene. Not less important to avoid stressful situations, after all, they are frequent causes of many diseases.

A good efficiency in the treatment of psoriasis it is possible to arrive at the same time the application of the people of medicines for inside and outside:

  1. There is a lot of time has established itself as an excellent tool psoriasis tar of the birch. It is an excellent anti-septic, зandжandвlяющandй wound and cleaning of the epidermis. Enough to cause the tool over the affected area of the skin for at least 2 hours and rinse after with water.
  2. The infusion handStOTAland that, when applied, each day, after a morning of procedure improves the condition of skin.
  3. To prepare this tool baked in the aluminum pan with the milk. What remains on the walls of the dishwasher, called slag, and currently is no remedy, there is a lot of time the who has recommended the psoriasis. Regular lubrication of the hands of this foam over 2 weeks to give noticeable results.
  4. The internal application of propolis and honey, and is essential to the recipe in the fight against the disease. It is considered one of the most effective remedies for psoriasis not only on the hands, but and of the feet. To prepare the ointment should take 50 g of propolis, 1 St. l. milk, 4 capsules of vitamin E. All these components are mixed together and dissolve the butter. Use the ointment before going to sleep. It not only helps to quickly get rid of the psoriasis, but also rejuvenates, hydrates the skin.

The treatment of psoriasis includes not only the necessary procedures and take medications to within. In addition, it is important to take care of a healthy life-style of the patient, the absence of stress, good nutrition, and often stay in the open air.