Psoriasis is a disease of complex nature: if it can be cured?

Psoriasis — a serious pathology, in spite of the fact that it is not dangerous to life. Psoriasis is called system a chronic disease that affects the skin and nails. It causes redness, itching and the appearance of peeling off of the plates, manifests itself in any age and is difficult to treat. By that appears psoriasis, complications threat and, more important, how to treat it?


What do we know about psoriasis and its treatment

Psoriasis is at the same time and one of the most studied, and one of the more obscure ailments. The professionals there are already many decades, trying to discover the causes of their occurrence, but until now the science has no clear answer to the question of why people are sick of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a disease that is not infectious, just like they do with that its not fungus or bacteria, and the reaction of the body's own immune system. When the psoriasis, the skin cells start to share with a huge fee in a rate cycle life of the battery lasts approximately 30 days when the psoriasis — only 3-5.

The main symptoms of psoriasis: redness, peeling, and the occurrence of inflamed areas, called plaques, itching. In some cases, arise from pustules, or a small rash. Sometimes psoriasis almost does not manifest itself, and sometimes worsens with virtually no apparent reason. More often the psoriasis appears in the folds of the arms and legs, along the line of hair growth, but also where the clothing is too tight or months; although inflammation can occur in other places.


Psoriasis is quite common disease, it suffers from about 3% of the entire population of the globe.

There are different types of psoriasis. The most common vulgar, or unequal, diagnosed in 80% of psoriasis patients. Guttate (small rash), pustular (pustules), Palmar-plantar and exudative types (weeping skin rash) are much less common.

The majority of patients for the first time, detects signs of psoriasis at age 15-25 years. Many times, the impulse, the ballad (and later — to the aggravation) serve as an emotional crisis. Scientists attribute this phenomenon of the emission of hormones of stress — adrenaline and cortisol.

Psoriasis is considered a chronic disease, that is, it is not possible to cure it. However, modern medicine knows ways, such as the reduction of your exposure to a minimum and to reduce the frequency of recurrence.


Unfortunately, psoriasis can be transmitted by inheritance. In families where one of parents is sick of psoriasis, the probability of birth of a child with the same disease is 25%. If both parents are familiar with this disease, first hand, the risk of developing psoriasis in children increases to 60%.

How is it treated psoriasis: modern approaches to therapy

The scheme of treatment of psoriasis depends on the severity of the disease. In mild cases (if struck less than 3% of the area of the body) are prescribed medicines for external use — ointments and creams. They also recommend to review your life style and, in particular, the diet. In more complex cases it is prescribed for physical therapy. Medicines for intake, including those which have a certain toxicity, and also the tools is that extreme measures, which are used only if other forms of treatment for psoriasis does not help.

effective techniques of

Effective techniques and ways of conservative treatment of psoriasis

There are several areas to deal with psoriasis, and that the treatment was successful, it is best to use a holistic approach.

Drug therapy

To fight psoriasis "inside out", often prescribed for the derivatives of vitamin a (retinoids), as well as medications that reduce the activity of the immune system. For the outdoor therapy manifestations of psoriasis use therapeutic ointments and creams, to remove the inflammation and itching, thus contributing to the exfoliation of dead skin cells and help protect damaged general characteristics of fungi and bacteria. This is important because the course of the disease when psoriasis is often complicated to attach secondary infection, which reduces the effectiveness of the total therapy and slows down the recovery process of the skin.

In more difficult cases, often the applicant's current psoriasis, prescribe local hormonal means (ointments and creams), called TGKS (topical corticosteroids). They should be a little more careful — TGKS have a number of side-effects and contra-indications. If to apply them on their own initiative, and not by a strict schema and the recommendation of your doctor, it can worsen the disease. TGKS, as a rule, it is not recommended to use more than 5 days and apply in large areas of the skin, as well as sensitive areas (face, neck, skin folds), because these tools can have a system of action on the body, cause the withdrawal syndrome, and can lead to peeling of skin and loss of its protective properties and, consequently, the risk of the occurrence of repeated relapses.

Doctors often complain that, with the disease could handle faster and easier, if patients do not have a self-medicate with the use of potent medications, a time to heal psoriasis after freaking out hormonal the use of tools, it is much more difficult.

The science has already taken a major step forward in the search to be efficient, but secure means for the treatment of skin with psoriasis and other diseases. To them, for example, can be attributed to preparations based on this active ingredient, as the active zinc (zinc pyrithione). Zinc is a organic and natural remedy for the skin since its concentration healthy skin of the human being is about 20% of the total content in the organism, and the scarcity of this precious metal accompanied by a variety of skin lesions and the deterioration in the healing of wounds.

Medicines with active zinc, unlike tools with zinc oxide, have a variety of specific properties (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal), to help relieve the itching of the skin, contribute to the preparation of ceramides (lipids), which leads to the recovery of their barrier function. Unlike a cream with zinc oxide, the cream with pyrithione zinc does not dry the skin. In addition, they activate the so-called apoptosis (natural desired default conviction) pathologically altered skin cells and inflammatory cells, thus inhibiting the excessive reproduction of skin, reducing the flaking and the formation of psoriatic plaques.

Studies prove that the active zinc has comparable with TGKS efficiency and good safety profile, as well as practically it is not absorbed from the surface of the skin, has no annoying and damaging steps.

Whatever the medicine has been assigned to you, remember that, to write the prescription, the doctor always takes into account the relationship between possible benefits and detriments of the use of medicines, based on their age and sex characteristics, history, and t. p., Therefore, do not self: healing one, you can cripple them more. In the case of psoriasis, this refers mainly to the use of hormonal funds. Occasional unexpected application of ointments and creams with TGKS may cause the effect of "close the circle" — the more you use them, the more tread exacerbation.

To not run the risk of the first time that the manifestation of symptoms of psoriasis it is worth to start a treatment of safe non-hormonal means, and make sure to consult with your doctor. And in chronic and recurrent during the use of medicines non-hormonal with medicinal properties immediately after the withdrawal of acute (after the application of the TGKS) can prolong the periods of remission and help the skin to recover fully.


Physiotherapy methods of treatment of psoriasis also help to eliminate the manifestations of the disease. As is well known, the pathology is afraid of the sun, therefore, in the treatment of psoriasis and is widely used for phototherapy — exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The course of treatment of psoriasis can also include lasertEPAp., an ultra-sound of impact, magnetic therapy.


Psoriasis patients that it is extremely important to respect the correct power supply. Excludes all products that can cause allergies, as well as the food heavy for the stomach and the liver. The diet should contain high doses of vitamins (especially vitamin a) and fiber. You should leave the alcohol, food, smoked products, animal fats and tRangiroa, eggs, coffee, and water with gas, of a muffin.


As has already been said, stress and mental shock, psoriasis can climb. At the same time, for many people, especially for women, young people, the psoriasis, by itself, is a source of experiences and low expectations self-esteem. The goal of therapy when the psoriasis is to teach people to control their emotions and do not allow the division surge. In addition, group therapy can provide emotional support and increase self-esteem.


When pplazmafereza the doctor takes the patient has a portion of the blood, separating the plasma from blood cells and returns them by injection back. Along with plasma screens that are displayed for the toxins and autoantibodies.

The purpose

Psoriasis — it is not a reason for low self-esteem. Many famous people of the whole life struggling with this disease, that does not prevent to be the idols of millions, and icons of style. Psoriasis suffer from model Kara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, to singer Britney Spears.

Alternative approaches

There are alternative, folk, and exotic methods of treatment of psoriasis. The first, for example, refers to the application of oil of milk thistle of the damaged areas, the juice of marshmallow, valerian officinalis and chamomile. The exotic can be attributed to the treatment with the help of tropical fish of the species Garra rufa — they pyrithione skin psoriatic plaque, without damaging healthy skin. The original service offered in Thailand, and in recent years this procedure, and appeared in some Russian spas.

Folk methods are considered safe, however, this is not quite as well — an allergy to grass can aggravate the condition of your skin and the application of plates of creams of dubious origin, and the realization of exotic treatments sanitary facilities puts the emergence of the inflammation and of the annexation of secondary infection.

How to improve the effectiveness of the therapy

How to improve the effectiveness of the therapy

Correctly chosen therapy will give a positive effect. To speed up the process of recovery to enable the fulfillment of some rules:

  • Try not to get nervous. The skin is an indicator of the state of your nervous system. Today there are many ways of dealing with stress without medications: visit of workshops of drawing, Lepto ke and deckpthe even, sports activities, and spa treatments.
  • Time to cure the infectious diseases, do not let hypothermia and, in general, keep your health — "entrenched" in the body of infections lead to repeated relapses.
  • Do not neglect the spa resort of treatment. Mineral water and dirt of the many resorts actually help improve the state when the psoriasis. Such resorts around the world — the treatment of psoriasis can go to the Dead sea, in Israel, in Slovenia (Portoroz), in Italy (Abano Terme), in Bulgaria (Kyustendil).
  • Do not use in the shower hard, like sponges and brushes, as well as the firm of soap — you need a soft sponge and a shower gel with neutral ph. After the bath, apply the cream helps to retain moisture in the skin, for example, children.
  • Eliminate the use of synthetic products and choose a comfortable, loose-fitting clothing of natural and gentle fabrics, cotton, silk and other.

Many times they say that psoriasis is not a disease, but a consequence of life-style. Some truth in this statement, there are. If the diagnosis of psoriasis", will have to seriously review their habits and strictly follow the rules. The implementation of the recommendations and the time you began treatment, allow the reception and a long remission — many people who suffer from psoriasis, which, in fact, generally are not affected, as the disease does not manifest itself. But the psoriasis does not suffer from dizziness — when not treated or treated independently, without participation of the doctor, the intensification and soon it will be almost monthly, and regain a beautiful skin and well-being to be very difficult.