How to treat psoriasis on the elbows

In most cases, the development of psoriasis begins with skin lesion elbows and knees.

In a previous stage of the ulna to heal the psoriasis is more easy, therefore, the grip get in touch with the doctor when it is changes in the skin do not worth.


The manifestations of the initial phase of elbow psoriasis

Psoriasis – the disease, the reasons for the development of which are not yet fully defined. It is believed that the impetus for the emergence of diseases of the skin change interrupts immunity, exchange processes, emotional stress. The susceptibility to psoriasis is the past, and on a genetic level.

The initial phase of psoriasis on my elbows by training isolated inflamed items. They are small in size, painted in dark green, pink. After a few days of precipitation above are covered characteristic of a touch is the dead skin flakes.

The lack of initiated the treatment time leads to the fusion of closely located items – you receive these charges, are the responsibility, of course, but irregular boundaries. These edges are called scalloped, or polycyclic. They occur due to napoletane each other, and the fusion of plates.

Flake of plaque easy to follow your radi, but along with it is removed, and the thin film. Under this film is color red leather, with drops of blood. This phenomena "stearic spot" and "a dew", pathognomonic for psoriasis. The stage of defeat, when the progression of the disease more often than if you apply on the skin of the forearm.

The reverse development of psoriatic plaque begins with its central part, in the local I decided items remain areas changed the color of the skin. Psoriasis of the knees, manifested the same changes and the elbow form of the disease.

Well-being during the defeat in the small area of the body does not suffer. Sometimes concerned with intense itching, which leads to untangle the elements and, consequently, affect the term. Itchy says about the progression of injury and increase your. In this case, itchy peripherals.

How to treat psoriasis on the elbows, learn to a dermatologist immediately after the appearance of the first signs of a lesion of the skin. Assignment of integrated therapy with the use of the system and the exterior of the tools will stop the development of psoriatic elements and help keep the disease under control.

The principles of treatment of elbow psoriasis

The ointment

Arose the psoriasis on the elbows, the treatment will depend on how it manifests the pathology and if there are co-morbidities. Therapy should be comprehensive, this gives the rapid elimination of the external symptoms of the pathology, and minimizes the likelihood of re-offending. Patients with psoriasis, regardless of the form of disease, prescribe:

  • On-site treatment. The assignment of creams with anti-inflammatory properties, regenerating and relaxing components is required, even if psoriatic changes include a small area of the elbow and do not cause sensations that are troubling them.
  • The system of treatment. Preparations for internal use are selected based on the degree of severity of the disease. In severe cases demonstrates a technique of hormones, tools, straightening immunity. In the initial phase a person's body needs most at the reception of vitamin complexes and in the use of drugs that improve the metabolism.
  • Hardware forms of treatment. Phototherapy, laser therapy, and other forms of physiotherapy curatio improve the microcirculation, accelerate healing and decrease inflammation.

Treatment regimen for each patient with elbow psoriasis should be adjusted by your doctor. According to statistics, the self-selection of medicines does not give the desired result and, sometimes, leads to the deterioration of the state of health of the skin.

In addition to special medicines, in the treatment of psoriasis are used and popular technique. But they are applied as optional and not the main form of therapy.

The ointment of elbow psoriasis

Are chosen of ointment to the base of the symptoms of elbow psoriasis. If you strongly express the swelling, flushing, and rainfall spread quickly and its appearance is accompanied by itching, which are assigned to the tool with corticosteroids.

Apply them must be short course, noting the nuances of the application. Prolonged use can cause severe complications and, therefore, their assigns only the doctor.

Heal psoriasis at the initial stage of the disease, can and ointments, not containing hormones:

  • The ointment with the malt. Apply when the psoriasis on the elbows to reduce the flaking and itching.
  • The ointment base of birch tar. The natural components of the drugs of this group propositum infiltrates and destroy the germs, preventing infection of the skin.

Ointment of psoriasis on elbows used, until the complete disappearance of psoriatic elements. In the phase of remission of the elbow and adjacent areas of the body must also be constantly swab of relaxing creams, this prevents the emergence of new plates.

The cure for psoriasis on elbows the external use and should not cause allergic reactions and other negative changes in health or in the skin. If in the first days of therapy of skin condition worsens, it is necessary to consult a doctor, for a review of the designated treatment.

The treatment system

How to get rid of psoriasis on the elbows, using drugs, must necessarily explain the your doctor. In the initial phase of the pathology, hormonal tools are almost never used. In most cases it is prescribed for:

  • Enterosorbents. The main property that these medicines binding capacity and the elimination of toxins and impurities from the body. The purification of the digestive system leads to the improvement of the entire process of digestion and stabilizes the metabolic processes, and this has a positive effect on the health status of the patient. Drinking data drug course of 2-3 weeks, repeat them, you can 2-3 times per year.
  • Medications antihistamines. The treatment of psoriasis on the elbows, using antihistamines can reduce the itching and irritation, which has a positive effect on the recovery of the skin.
  • Vitamins. The processes of regeneration of the skin improving, if the patient receives the vitamins a, E, ascorbic acid, vitamins of group In. When the psoriasis on the elbows and knees, it is important to choose correctly the type and dosage of vitamins, as well as the excess, can also cause the worsening of the disease.

Of that treat psoriasis on the elbows, the duration of systemic therapy and the need of use of medicines in remission is solved by a doctor after the examination and survey of the patient.

Popular forms of treatment

People with elbow psoriasis who lose the external manifestations of the disease, using the vernacular media and forms. Similar treatment with the correct selection of recipes with security and, often, it stops the aggravation of the disease at the beginning of its development.

But folk techniques do not apply immediately. To evaluate your action, it is necessary to perform a course of treatment lasting from several days to several months.

When fixing the worsening elbow psoriasis make hot tubs, use of independently prepared ointment, and take the broth of herbs, which enhances immunity and normalizes metabolic processes.

Baths are prepared from the broth of celandine, classes, flowers of chamomile. For the preparation of medicinal drilling it is necessary to take a piece of plants and 10 parts of water. All of the grass, you can use separately and combine among themselves. Prepared by decoction survive 30 minutes, and then it is dipped elbow with psoriatic eruptions.

Time of the process, to cool the water. Then, the elbow should be careful when drying, after drying, lubricate the ointment with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, to get rid of psoriasis for one to two weeks, heals, tubs make every day.

When the psoriasis area of the joints often undergo ointment to the base of vinegar. For your kitchen you need to take:

  • an egg;
  • dinner and vinegar (9 %) in the amount of a cup;
  • a cup of melted butter.

Mode of preparation:

  • The ingredients are mixed.
  • The blend shines in a container with a lid.
  • It is aged in the fridge for a week.

Cooked the ointment to lubricate psoriatic items 6 to 8 times per day.


How to cure psoriasis is to always and this is possible? Unfortunately, the positive response about it until not. The disease is considered chronic, acute happen up to several times a year.

If the time to start the treatment, following the guidance of the physician and prevention of exacerbations, the disease can live peacefully, but psoriasis should be kept under control.

Only we must not forget that the signs of psoriasis may destroy, also share for a healthy life. For example, if a person dramatically scored 15 to 20 kg, no advice and treatment he can't help-as well as the normalization of body weight.