Psoriasis in the face: symptoms and treatment

Psoriasis is one of the most unpleasant diseases of the skin diseases. The most common are psoriatic rashes on the limbs and on the trunk. And if psoriasis be on your face? Unfortunately, you can, and delivers a lot of bad experiences with patients who suffer from this disease.

the symptoms of psoriasis on the face

The symptoms of psoriasis on the face

The initial phase of psoriasis on the face manifests itself, usually, at the end of autumn or in the winter. At this time, the skin becomes particularly vulnerable. The harbinger of a disease becomes unbearable itch. Semiology of the initial phase of psoriasis on the face is very reminiscent of the food allergies or annoyance, irritation of the skin appear inflamed patches of small sizes (about a pin head), located mainly on the forehead or cheeks. However, with the passing of time, they increase in size, and, blending, have the appearance of compressed nodules — papules having a pale red hue. Especially intensively this behavior occurs if you comb papules, what to do, you should not, therefore, that, in their place can form scars. Gradually, the precipitation start to filling nasolabial triangle and the wings of the nose, the front of the head, lips, penetrate under the hair, the region entered into your ears, covering almost the entire front of the area.

More signs of the disease can be characterized as "a combination of three phenomena":

  • Plate to engage the soft flakes;
  • When, later department of flaking under them is detected scarlet skin, as if it were covered in glitter (terminal film);
  • If you continue cleaning the skin, it begins to corrupt, and to shed small drops of blood (blood dew).

In adulthood, the most common is dermatitis psoriasis in the face with the characteristic psoriatic "crown" — it is the accumulation of papules on the border of the follicle part of the head. Purulent crusts that are formed, the cracks, causing quite a lot of pain. For children the most typical type of psoriasis of the skin of the face, referred to tear. At the beginning of the disease can be taken by banal diathesis.


Psoriasis, including and – psoriasis on the face, not without reason, is considered one of the most mysterious of diseases. The controversy over its etiology has not ceased until today. Among the experts, there are supporters of the main endocrine, auto-immune, psychosomatic theories, and more recently, the increasing popularity acquires the theory of genetics the occurrence of psoriasis. To some extent, this confirms the statistics, declaring that every third of the four people this Dermatosis any of the close relatives is also your carrier. Not caused many debates between professionals, perhaps only three circumstances:

  • The disease is polietiologic nature: to explain the origin of its cause, is not possible;
  • This pathology can be for years, even tens of years into the stable phase of remission, but the permanent cure comes not;
  • the transfer of psoriasis through direct contact deleted: it is not contagious.

Be that as it may, but psoriatic skin rashes, able to cover virtually all areas of the body, including those in which it is not possible to hide from the gaze of the other, bring the psychological discomfort in the first place, the patient himself.

Types of psoriasis on the face

By itself, the disease has a very complex classification, with many varieties. By type of occurrence, it can be divided into two large groups: those with pustular and non-pustular evolution. The curious thing is that each species has its "privilegium" plots the defeat. This applies especially to non-controlled total rating solitary types, such as, for example, seborrheal of such manifestation. This fact is very help the doctors perform an accurate diagnosis, therefore, and decide the best tactic of the therapy.

According to the degree of gravity leaking range of light and heavy forms of psoriasis – depending on the total area of the lesion and of the system manifestations of the disease.

It should be noted that the person does not belong to the most typical areas psoriatic defeat. In any case, for him, the most typical is seborrheic form of psoriasis vulgaris, which, subsequently, extends to the border with the hair coat and move forward with it, producing, at first glance, the normal printing, the dandruff.

The stage of the disease

Psoriasis in face of the observed rapid development because of the receptivity of the skin in this area. On the initial phase of psoriasis on the face that already told details. Followed by a phase called fixed, when the plates are gaining lighter tones, in the form of papules, becomes rounded, with silvery scales. Generally, these metamorphoses manifest themselves during about a month after the occurrence of the disease.

The next phase is considered is deteriorating. At this stage the nameplate's already almost does not stand out on the skin and make the package. Their desire to comb it passes, papules cincta dense and corneum of the labrum. Such a process continues, on average, two months to six months.

of that treat psoriasis on the face

Of that treat psoriasis on the face?

The treatment of disease deals with the dermatologist, since the time when the first suspicions about the psoriasis is a visit to it, it's not worth to postpone: the sooner he will start the treatment, as fast facial psoriasis goes into remission. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the treatment of psoriasis – the long and difficult process. Some silver bullets medicines does not exist, therapy involves a complete solution with the application of a variety of mechanisms of impact.

Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis on the face

The most effective way of combating the disease are foreign funds in the form of policies, lotions, creams. Wide application due to their efficiency, are ointment for face psoriasis: how to hormonal, so that it does not contain hormones. With this, the first have more strong, but short-term influence, because they quickly lead to dependence, the body and the consequent to a new round of exacerbation. Hormonal medicines that heal, primarily, the psoriasis on face of adult. A method of non-hormonal the same act, gradually, however, provide remission in the longer term.

That stain the face of psoriasis?

The following are known method of non-hormonal tools for the treatment of psoriasis of the skin of the face:

  • to resolve peel apply salicylic acid ointment and mixed salicylic -zinc gives an anti-inflammatory effect and who have already made in practice affected skin;
  • excellent anti-inflammatory properties indications have the ointment, which is this tar or grease;
  • ointment of zinc protects the skin against the adverse effects of the external environment, reduces swelling, fights inflammation;
  • the overwhelming influence on cells patients have ointments that contain vitamin D;
  • antipruritic effect are famous oily medicines, especially necessary when the acute phase of the disease has ended, and starts the recovery;
  • for skin hydration are applied based ointments of plant extracts with a content of calendula, celandine, chamomile and other medicinal plants.

Hormonal ointment be differentiated by the strength of their impact: the relatively weak until the stronger.

As a rule, the ointment to the face of the psoriasis should be applied before going to sleep, when the body is at peace, a healing effect is much greater.

Due to the many effects of hormonal influences medications, you must apply with a great degree of caution and only after doctor. Self-medication is strictly prohibited – it can lead to consequences irreversible for the health.

Procedural therapy

Apart from the mentioned medicine is applied to the physical therapy treatment.

Excellent sedative effect give daily sessions electrosleep, lasting from 20 minutes to half an hour in a period of, at least, a week. Photochemotherapy and ultraviolet rays are assigned to doctor in the periods of attenuation of a disease and help to increase the time of remission. In some cases they may be assigned to an x-ray irradiation of the affected areas. More secure in this regard, it is considered to be the laser therapy.

The perfect complement to the main treatment is the sanitation resort therapy.

Drug treatment

In respect of medical tools, they are prescribed only when age and the execution of forms in the treatment of seborrheic psoriasis on the face. Such means include, in particular:

  • ), slow down the division epitelyarnyh of cells, such as, for example, methotrexate;
  • immune depressant type of cyclosporine A, an inhibitor of infiltration processes in autoimmune;
  • corticosteroids for indoor application;
  • biologically active substances avastin and alefacept, block the reproduction of the pathological cells.

The reception of all these medicines can only be made under listing summary of health control.

Folk remedies of psoriasis on the face

The treatment of psoriasis on the face folk media also gives a positive result, but only when they are applied under the supervision of your doctor and combine them with other forms of dealing with the disease. The basis of the funds of folk medicine – natural components, so they recommended, even when the treatment of children. Are recommended for all types of infusions, baths with medicinal herbal decoction, ointment, and masks for the face when psoriasis, made from "grandma's recipes". For example, it is good to soothe the skin manganese masks superimposed on pre-cleansed person (preferably sea salt), tar mask and ointments. Good impact has sea buckthorn oil, which has external and internal application, as well as the lavender and coconut oil. It is recommended to use vegetables that contain carotene, pumpkin, fruit, have a red and orange coloring. A certain result is also give homeopathic remedies.

Despite the complexity of the disease, the greater part of the treatment for psoriasis on the face home made (with rare exceptions). Important to have the exact implementation of medical indications, including:

  • complete hygiene of the skin and protecting it from different kinds of influences: mechanical, climatic, environmental;
  • follow a diet, especially during periods of exacerbation of psoriasis on the face. You should abandon completely irritating and allergenic products tobacco and alcoholic beverages products;
  • the periodic visit of a dermatologist

And now, the answer to the question: how to get rid of psoriasis on the face?

Unfortunately, to fully cure the disease is not possible. However, performing a medical prescription, respecting the measures of prevention and support the correct mental attitude, you can maximize the duration of periods of remission, while maintaining the high quality of life.