Psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis is a very insidious disease and is able to surprise not only the skin. Often occurs the psoriasis of the nails, called as onihodistrofiya (psoriatic onihodistrofiya).

With the confirmation of the disease the treatment of psoriasis of the nails, in some cases, it is difficult, because this form manifests itself far less frequently than psoriasis skin integument. However, the affected psoriasis nail phalanx give the patient significant discomfort, leading to the disruption emotional.

Concomitant defeat of the skin and nails quite rare. The disease may exist many years into the body of the patient, but the characteristic symptomatology of this form is to hit the nail. When psoriatic manifestations, complications are able to lead to a complication, such as psoriatic arthritis.

Causes of the disease


The main reason, in which occurs the psoriasis of the nails is a FAILURE of the IMMUNE SYSTEM, which violates the enzyme function and the formation of periungual cells. This leads to division in the body of an organism, not grown cells, as well as of the horny layer of the nail.

There are thus predisposing causes which may cause the occurrence of exacerbations. These include:

  • the symptoms of psoriasis can be activated in adverse weather conditions;
  • the state of stress and depression;
  • chronic disease of the body;
  • the symptoms of psoriasis can be aggravated when mechanical injuries of the skin;
  • the prolonged use of anti-inflammatory and containing lithium medicines;
  • in addition, the causes of the disease, it is possible that there exists in the inheritance, when the gene for psoriasis is transmitted to the following generations.

As a rule, the risk group consists of patients with age less than 25 years. The men suffer much more common in women.

Classification of psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis of the nails is able to manifest itself in various forms and have different symptoms. Highlight the various phases of the nail bed psoriasis:

NAPEDOWY — the most common type of the disease. Their symptoms are expressed, the advent superficial of the teeth on your nails.

ONYCHOLYSIS — this grade is characterized by a separation of the nail from the tissue and, then, about the nails stretch remains psoriatic border.

ONYCHOMADESIS in this way, it can also occur the separation of the nail, but faster and without the formation of skirts.

The BLEEDING UNDER the NAIL — there are characteristic striations of brown and reddish brown stains under the nail.

TRACHYONYCHIA — in this degree of the disease, the nail becomes irregular and thickens.

PARONYCHIA — the reasons for this form of the disease physical impact on the tissue around the nail (removal of burrs, ingrown toenail, and t. d.). Notes suppuration, swelling and flushing periungual plates.

When all forms of nail bed psoriasis is necessary in a timely manner began the treatment, to avoid more serious inflammatory process.

The symptoms of the disease


The symptoms of nail bed psoriasis quite diverse and depend directly on the shape and type of disease.

The main symptoms are expressed in the following indicators:

  • the surface of the nail of the fingers of the hands and feet becomes irregular, seeks to deepen and dents;
  • the nail becomes grayed out, and uneven;
  • edge feetteof new cards are covered inflammatory edges, that are able to spread across the skin surface;
  • on the nail, manifested Mootbut-yellow psoriatICHeskie plate;
  • in the nail plate can occur from the filling capillary is mesh
  • in the skin of the nail tolerate itch and peel.

When a complicated process, symptoms are able to OSlonetSya institute of pus under the nail.

The treatment of psoriasis of the nails

When choosing the treatment must consider the causes of psoriasis, the severity of the current and the individual susceptibility of the patient.

The initial degree of the disease is treated in a comprehensive manner and includes the following activities:

  • in phase primary, it is recommended to use curing nail Polish to cover the nail, but also in the form of a gel to hydrate the skin eyelоfeettehowl phalanx;
  • it is governed by hormonal and ENdocrina function;
  • retrieves the digestive function;
  • discover the nature of psoriasis (fungi, viruses, bacteria, and t. d.);

The most common cause of psoriasis of the nails is the activity of the fungus, due to a weakened immune system. A effective impact on it exert external means (ointments, creams, healing, luck), physiotherapy, and herbal medicine.

In addition to being used the varnish, neutralizes the fungus, treatment of nail bed psoriasis provides:

  • - ANTIHISTAMINES. To relieve the itching it is recommended the reception of an anti-histamine of funds.
  • A MULTIVITAMIN. The destruction of the nails with any form of psoriasis, inevitably, leads to loss of essential micronutrients and vitamins, so it accepts a multivitamin drug. Especially important is the reception of selenium, calcium, silicon, and zinc.
  • CORTICOSTEROIDS. Serious disease it is recommended the use of steroids. However, it should be remembered that, in spite of the fact that the treatment hormonal means of efficiently enough, take them only after consulting your doctor.
  • IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE. To relieve the stress and tension appropriate assignment of immunosuppressive drugs. However, one must consider the for the manifestation.

A positive result showed special varnish for the nails of Belvedere, which helps even in the execution stage of the disease.

External medications (ointments, creams)

With the outside funds, as a rule, begins the treatment for psoriasis of the nails. When the light of the degree of development of symptoms, it is perfectly possible to handle exactly these means.

All of the exteriors, the drugs are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal.

Folk remedies in the fight against psoriasis of the nails


Are quite common are the cases, when the medicine is not able to get the desired effect and counteract the negative symptoms. This fact causes to look for alternatives and questions about how to treat psoriasis of the nails are very serious. In this case, doctors recommend the removal of nail bed psoriasis with the treatment folk means.

The most well-known popular forms of therapy of psoriasis are:

NAILS BATHROOM. This medicine is well to remove the fungus nail plate. To prepare the tray should pour boiling water 20 gr. dry bay leaves, then boil the reconstituted solution. After cooling, put this solution fingernails and keep them for 15 minutes.

GADGETS. At home just enough to prepare gadgets. It is recommended to mix 2 ct. l. oat flour or corn starch with 0.5 l of water. Prepared porridge is being applied in the area of the nails.

The COMPRESSES. Cure psoriasis of the nails of the fingers of the hands is possible with the help of a medicinal plant, called brusnik. You should take 4-ct. l. dry powder of the leaves brusnik and pour 0,5 l of hot water. After cooling, the cooked mass is applied on the affected area, in the form of a compress, and then aged for 15-20 minutes.

With these simple recipes, you can cure the psoriasis popular forms. However, before you start to use the people revenue, you need the advice of your doctor.

The diet when psoriasis of the nails

Essential to the therapeutic success of the treatment is the diet. Few know that the allergy may be present in any type of psoriasis. Therefore, it must be hypo-allergenic diet.

The power of the patient must be balanced, excluding products, able to cause allergy (chocolate, coffee, cocoa, strawberry, citrus fruit). The diet prohibits acute, salty, fatty, smoked and fried dishes. In addition, you should not use the mustard, the mayonnaise and the ketchup.

During the exacerbation of the psoriasis diet involves the discharge day, t. e. during the day, you can take it with food only a product, for example, the yogurt, the apples, the cooked fish, and t. d. Diet must be satisfied PUSSYCATSlOMOlочbutй production, fresh vegetables and fruits (excluding oranges, and reds), as well as fish and vegetables. To compensate for the body leqitиbutм, it is recommended to use vegetable oil (the best olive oil for the first cycle of centrifugation).

It is important to remember that any diet eliminates the use of alcohol, regardless of the form of psoriatic manifestations.


At any stage, the psoriasis of the nails on the fingers of the hands, as well as the psoriasis of the nails in the feet, flows in waves, with relapses and periodic aggravations. This is why it is important the prevention of psoriasis, which includes:

  • The need to have the maximum of short nails.
  • It is not permitted to pedicure, manicure and t. d., including acrylic lacquer.
  • You should exclude the possibility of injury.
  • When the contact in the home with household cleaning products, you should use gloves.

When the light of the degree of disease is the minimum necessary a medical therapy. At home, it is recommended to use curing nail Polish to cover the nail, which slows down the destruction of the nail.

It is necessary to remember that any treatment you can do after pre-consultation with the doctor. This will free up the acute symptoms of the disease and to achieve a long remission.