Efficient ways of psoriasis treatment - tools and therapy

Psoriasis refers to diseases, which are very difficult to treat. To completely get rid of the disease is not possible. For a long time scientists and doctors are making a big effort to find effective means of therapy of rashes in a person's body that causes psoriasis. Nowadays there are several techniques that can take the patient from unpleasant symptoms of the disease. Effective ways for the treatment of psoriasis are the fulfillment of other activities to use drugs or physiotherapy treatments. Only an integrated approach and compliance with the rules of prevention allow you to cope with the disease and achieve a long remission.


What is psoriasis?

Among many other dermatoses, one of the most common is psoriasis. Also in medical practice, the disease is called flake ringworm. The pathology related to chronic diseases of the skin, with non-communicable diseases source.

It manifests ringworm as the red and the pink spots, projecting above the surface of the skin 1 to 2 mm. Characteristic of psoriasis is the presence of the so-called scales in the psoriatic plaque. The skin peel off and becomes rough. This process occurs because of overly rapid synthesis and division of cells in the skin. Has a sick person in the formation of new cells occurs dozens of times faster than the healthy.

Causes of the pathology, considered the following factors:

  1. The genetic predisposition.
  2. Disturbance of the metabolism.
  3. The hormonal imbalance of the body.
  4. The weakening of the immune system.
  5. Strong weather-or, on the contrary, the excessive influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Today, all of the causes of pathology are only a hypothesis. Description of a disease so complex that to find out clearly what is, causes the disease, is not yet possible. The treatment of the pathology is mainly in the removal of symptoms, as well as the improvement of the general well-being of the patient.

The use of means doctor

An effective treatment for psoriasis can't be without the use of medicines. All of the medical tool in medical practice, which divide into several groups. These include:

Hormonal tools or corticosteroids

Most of the times these medicines are released in the form of ointments and creams for external use. The tool with hormones in its composition have advantages and disadvantages. Among the positive aspects you can notice the effect faster. Corticosteroids are capable of facilitating significantly the state of a patient, after a few score a goal.

More often than hormonal drugs prescribed for patients with severe and progressive of a flake form of deprive. When pulmonary types of the disease, such means are not shown, as well as cause effects of addiction and many side effects.

The disadvantages of corticosteroid use relate to the effect of the cancellation of the drug and side effects different. The complications can be the following:

the tool of psoriasis
  • the appearance of edema;
  • the increase of the mass of the body of the patient;
  • the increase in the level of sugar in the blood;
  • the increase in indicators of arterial pressure;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • the interruptions in the central nervous system.

Using hormonal drugs should only be prescribed by a doctor. Properly chosen dose or delay in the cancellation of the medicine can lead to a variety of adverse consequences.


In modern medicine, the treatment of psoriasis is not complete without the use of vitamins. With the development of the pathology of a patient may be water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble, is vitamin a, e And D. The water-soluble relate folic acid, ascorbic acid, as well as vitamins of group In. Also therapy of psoriasis often involves the application of vitamin D.

Effective methods for the treatment of psoriasis also does not exempt the use of medications that help to restore the robot to the natural protection of the person. All the medicines of this group are divided into immunosuppressants (suppressor of immunity and Immunostimulants (increase immunity). Among the medications that have the natural defense of the organism, often prescribed for methotrexate. The drug is a powerful, action-specific and is often applied to severe forms of the current pathology.

When the psoriasis medicines in this group help to normalise the natural protective functions of the organism, to adjust the metabolism and promote the regeneration of degraded areas of the dermis.


The most effective treatment for psoriasis, today in day is considered the use of different techniques of physiotherapy. The objectives of this methodology is considered to be the solution of the manifestations of pathology on the patient's skin and improvement of general well-being of the patient.

PUVA therapy

Today, the PUVA therapy is considered to be one of the most effective methods. This type of treatment is carried out with the help of a special equipment, radiating artificial ultraviolet rays. During the session, the human skin is activated in the natural production of vitamin D3. This contributes to the healing of the damaged areas of the dermis and get rid of psoriatic plaques.

Treatment and number of sessions should the doctor. Often, this type of treatment is performed in a hospital environment. When you use the PUVA it is necessary to clearly observe the amount of ultraviolet radiation of wave and duration of the session.

The use of cold

tablets of psoriasis

Popularity nowadays is gaining cryotherapy psoriasis. This method implies an effective treatment for the pathology with the cold. The action of the method is based on the creation of a body with the stressful situation with the cold, in which occurs a spasm of the blood vessels and capillaries. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve the following results:

  1. Solution the starting point of the pain syndrome.
  2. Remove the inflammation.
  3. The construction of trophism of tissues.
  4. Normalizes psychosomatic condition of the patient.

The procedure consists in locations exposed to psoriatic precipitation, in which to the affected areas of the body expert points to the jet of liquid nitrogen. This type of impact is a positive impact and contributes to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues.

The number of sessions defines the expert. This depends on the type of pathology and the state of the patient.

The treatment of psoriasis special laser

Data called gas laser with ultraviolet rays. With the help of special equipment it is possible to direct the beam of light on the affected skin. This helps to reduce the growth of psoriatic eruptions, and remove the inflammation.

The advantage of this type of therapy is the direct impact is the most diseased areas of the dermis, keeping the skin healthy is not affected. Excimer laser allows you to use a certain range of waves, it sets you apart from the common ultraviolet radiation. Already after several procedures of laser therapy one can notice a significant improvement in the condition of the skin of the patient.

Non-conventional methods of treatment of psoriasis

In addition to methods of drug treatment and physiotherapy in today's very popular non-traditional ways to get rid of a pathology. These include:

  1. The use of blue clay. This product of nature exerts an effective action for many diseases. Clay deals with the inflammation, invigorate the blood circulation, eliminates swelling and redness of the dermis. To treat enough to whet the clay and apply a mask to the affected areas of the body. The course of treatment of 10-14 days.
  2. Very good results the use of mud Saki lake. The application of sludge helps to establish blood flow and to promote trophism dermis, to relieve the inflammatory process, but also to establish the exchange process of the skin. When applied to dirt on the skin comes in a multitude of components. This leads to an improvement of the state of the tissues and healing of wounds.
  3. Works very well when the psoriasis medications to the base of the tar. DEternia ointment contribute to the rapid curing of the plates. For these purposes, the tar, you can use it in its pure form, and also add it to a variety of products. One of the most popular recipes is for an ointment of birch tar and propolis. For this, it is necessary to take for 100 g of product and place in any water bath. After the ointment is applied on the plates for 20 to 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, today, there is a tool that allows you to once and for all cure the psoriasis. However, there are methods of therapy, allowing a quick and effective way to remove the manifestations of the pathology and to achieve a long remission for the patient.