How to treat psoriasis at home

The psoriasis belongs to a group of diseases more difficult. The nature of this pathology has not yet been fully studied. The fact is that the process involved not only general characteristics, but also occurs a violation of functions of some internal organs. Therefore, this is a very difficult disease to treat. And there is no method of therapy, which would be equally effective for all psoriasis patients. Given this fact, to treat this disease, for each patient selected private service of a treatment regimen, and in the complex therapy of medicine, necessarily, include, in addition to traditional medicines, folk technique.


Principles of home treatment of psoriasis

In the arsenal of folk medicine, very effective revenue, able to reduce the intensity of symptoms, flake deprive. So it is called psoriasis complete healing is not intended. To the outside are preparing for the treatment of:

  • cream and ointment;
  • shampoos (in lesions of psoriasis of the scalp);
  • medicinal lotions;
  • baths with herbal infusions, which help in the defeat of the entire body.

Outdoor media suitable for adult patients and children. And tools for internal use of the reception may have age restrictions, because, in some formulations present suitable for children components.

By the recipes at home, you can cook the following dosages and forms, for the internal receive:

  • powder;
  • the broth;
  • teas;
  • complex mixtures.

An important point! Because in most of the popular recipes of psoriasis treatment are strong, and sometimes toxic components, any method must be agreed with the doctor. This helps to reduce the risk of adverse effects.

The rules of home treatment

Normally, experts recommend this, or any other popular type of treatment, advise the patient to carry out some rules. Here is the list:

  1. During the treatment period in outdoor environment need to protect your skin and also your nails to dry. This condition is especially true if in the course of the therapy include baths.
  2. The initial phase of psoriasis, well-manageable, light, floral of drugs.
  3. For the therapeutic composition best squeezing the skin, is that we need to surface regularly to take away scales and crusts.
  4. You must do exactly that is selected for the treatment of prescription, including the production process and the application of resources.
  5. It is not recommended in a stage to use various tools, as well as an option of treatment will not determine the effectiveness of each technique.

All the precautions will help you extract the maximum benefit of the house psoriasis treatment and prevent possible complications.

the soda in psoriasis

Popular recipe

Activated carbon
I would like to begin the presentation of the most effective ways with the tool, that there is virtually one in every home medicine cabinet. Is the activated charcoal. With this drug cheap it is possible to find the same pustular psoriasis.

The remedy prepared in the following sequence: tablets of activated charcoal are crushed before powder state and dissolve in water. The number of tablets it is easy to determine the formula: 1 piece per 10 kg of weight. Drink composition takes a lot before eating (1,5 -2 hours). The course of therapy evaluated in 45 days.

Important! With this form of treatment is necessary to observe the dietary diet and not drinking alcohol.

Sodium bicarbonate

The sodium bicarbonate is present in many of the people revenue. On the other hand, a shower, it is absolutely harmless and gives a good result for outdoor use: quickly removes signs of inflammation, which always occurs when the psoriasis, and softens the skin. There are three options for the use of soda:

  1. With a standard solution of concentration (2 h. l. 200 ml) are the areas affected.
  2. You can make lotions soda from a dense mixture of the powder with the water. The resulting composition should soak a cotton ball or blouse of cotton, and then apply alternately to the areas of damaged skin.
  3. Hot soda a compress as well also helps you to deal with the inflammation. After the first procedures, decreases the intensity of the eruptions, it decreases the inflammation. For this method, prepare a liquid solution of such a temperature so as not to cause burns. Solution damp cloth and apply the sampleslemnomy local. The compress should cool completely.

And even a unique recipe, with the regular participation of sodium. This tool has a more complex composition, because for its production will need such ingredients:

  • the yolks of eggs – 3 PCs.;
  • fat chicken – 1 cup;
  • tar – 2 l. St.;
  • soap economic – 2l. St.;
  • sodium – 1 teaspoon;
  • the bile (pharmacy) – 2 St. l.;
  • the mushroom chaga – half of the normal amount of a cup;
  • fir oil – 1 l. h.

First warm the fat and baked it for 10 minutes. After cooling, it is added to the wound and the rest of the ingredients. By adding each component, the mixture should be very well stir, the bile is introduced in the final blend. Received the ointment should have a texture homogeneous. The treatment to perform to the best of everything before going to sleep. During the night's sleep, the tool to penetrate as well.


This is, perhaps, one of the most popular means used when the psoriasis. In fact, colugol is, technically, a lubricant, which is prepared from fatty acids and spacecraftlelevage soap. The composition is obtained by thickening, by doing that it becomes a little viscous, and with a consistency that reminds normal of an ointment. But, if pharmaceutical means more easy to be washed away with the surface of the skin, colugol is removed with difficulty. Distinguishes the specific lingering smell.

grease when psoriasis

It is clear that, for the treatment of best to use the apthNY drug. But due to the fact that, in its pure form apthNY colugol almost rare, it is very difficult to acquire. The truth is, the pharmaceutical industry is made a whole range of ointments special, intended for the treatment of psoriasis, but their efficiency is not a big issue. Therefore, healers to get the actual result advised to use the clean colugol, preferably apthNY. The fact is that when the production of registered techniques of composition to add all kinds of additives, and it runs the risk of an allergic reaction. From this it follows, that you still have the wise to take advantage of medical drug.

The dignity solidol

Colugol is used for dozens of years for the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis. During this long period, he laid on his once impressive results. The advantages of this simple tool should sort the following qualities:

  • easy to use;
  • low cost;
  • low probability of developing allergies and other side effects;
  • quickly relieves the itching, burning sensation (usually after the first two procedures);
  • stimulates the process of apitelization of the skin;
  • reduces the intensity of the peel;
  • after the treatment-resistant effect is maintained for a long time.

More than 60% of patients after various treatments was observed the almost complete extinction and an external manifestation of the disease.

An important point! We recommend that before you apply solidol perform a sensitivity test, causing a bit of funds for the skin in the neighborhood of the elbow bending. If after atldays does not appear the sign of irritation, you can get the treatment.

Revenues based on solidol

  1. This home rendering effective when the psoriasis of the scalp. Is preparing for him this recipe: colugol (300 g), you must first mix it with two Yaih, proteins, add the mixture of a dinner spoon of honey (preferably lime) and herbs handStOTAland. Vegetable component pre-grind up to powder state. Received the ointment should lubricate the damaged areas.
  2. And still a universal recipe, which is suitable for the treatment of psoriasis from any location. It is extremely easy to performance: colugol, you can even use the same techniques to clean the mark, it is applied a thick layer on the body and for 10 minutes, then washed. To resolve the pungent smell of a medicine, it is recommended to take a shower the tar with soap and water. Procedures similar to those recommended daily, increasing every week by 10 minutes. When the parameter, the parameter will be equal to one hour, it is possible to spend the night compresses with colugolom. Of course, this is an option with good portability of the tool.

Therapy baths

When large areas of the lesions of psoriasis, which facilitate the condition of patients hot baths. Water treatments have a calming effect, eliminate itchy, and contribute to the rapid healing of damaged places. With the exception of the means for therapy baths is not necessary, because many of them are in each house.

the bathroom when psoriasis
  1. Salt bath is recommended to perform two times per week. Already after the first two procedures, usually, it is visible the effect of the treatment. But the course of the water therapy calculated over the longest period of time of 3 months. It is very important to observe the regularity of the procedures. It is better to use sea salt, which is sold in chain drugstores. For the realization of a necessary procedure in the full hot water bath dissolve 1 kg of salt, and the immersion of the body.
  2. Turpentine bath as well warm, because that intensifies the circulation of the blood. The multiplicity of procedures – 2 times a week period of time. It is recommended to use apthNY turpentine. The tool shed in the warm up to 36 degrees the water. After five minutes of the stay in the water, the temperature should increase up to 40. After dressing, baths need a couple of hours of relaxing in bed, the heat covered. An important point: Before any procedure is necessary to treat the petroleum jelly to the genital area, andнandllearning area and open the wound.
  3. The bathroom with the corn starch recommended for children and the elderly sick. To perform the procedure appropriate for any type of product: potatoes, rice, and other varieties of corn starch. After taking a shower to wash the therapeutic composition with the body does not need.
  4. Soda baths are carried out in a manner similar to other methods. The procedure reinforce the flaking in the skin, which indicates the beginning of your recovery. To reduce a little the cost the dryness of skin from the integument, it is recommended that after bathing, apply on the body olive oil. The itching and the other negative, the symptoms decrease after the first procedures, and a positive result can occur through several weeks of treatment.
  5. The bathroom coniferous online extract to intensify the processes of regeneration, and reinforce the potential for immune strength of the body. It is possible to store the raw material for yourself, but it is best to buy apthNY drug. The first extract is diluted in water, and then poured into the prepared bath. If the psoriasis be surprised with some parts of the body, such as feet or the palm of your hands, you can make local baths with a decoction of pine kidney.

All of the procedures here you can without problems to organize the house. In the sanatorium conditions of psoriasis patients who prescribe hydrosulphuric and radon out of the bath.

Shampoos that when psoriasis

Recipe 1: Grass handStOTAland fresh (300g) is forced through a meat grinder. Then, from the green mass pressed juice to which it is necessary to add a small amount of red wine (30 ml). Received the blend should treat the scalp, leaving the composition of a quarter of an hour, then rinse hair well.

Recipe 2: Need egg white to connect with a spoonful of liquid honey, add a little of any child, the shampoo, mix well. The composition is applied in a quarter of an hour, then thoroughly washed with running water, with warm water.

Tools for the intake of

As mentioned previously, in addition to outdoor of an effective means of treatment at home, alone, you can prepare the broth cure for internal consumption. Is all kinds of broths, teas, a combination of compositions. All the preparations of medicinal plants involving the inner potential of the body, helping you cope with the disease. These recipes popular have helped to cure many sick.

the tool when the psoriasis
  1. Chaga is very used among the people in the psoriasis. Cabinet of mushroom contains a substance that stimulates many vital processes. When the psoriasis you can use the infusion and decoction. The infusion is better to cook in a thermos bottle. The raw material dried, it is placed in a container, pour in boiling water, insist five hours. Obtained from the composition, you can drink a spoon in the dining room three times a day, and you can add in the bath or oiling them twice in the dead of the place. Therapy baths with handгой also help when dermatitis and skin infections different. The decoction is prepared the same way and is strictly after eating. Based on haru can cook the initial ointment, combining vegetable raw materials with a decrease of soap, tar, egg yolk and soda.
  2. Tar soap always present in the complex therapy when the psoriasis. It cleans well and the curtains of the skin, stimulates regeneration. Although this tool is not very pleasant aroma, its application helps to deal with the complex of dermatitis and psoriasis. Some characteristics of measures when using this soap is not required, only enough to well treat problem areas. After washing, it is recommended rinse decoction of herbs.

The natural oils

Any vegetable oil will also benefit the skin inflamed. It is best to choose for therapeutic purposes, not refined product. In this line of the most effective tools of linseed oil. Regularly the exterior of the treatment is to relieve irritation, protects against the penetration of pathogens of infection will facilitate healing of damaged tissues.

Is not inferior in medicinal properties, olive oil — source of natural polyphenols. These components have a powerful anti-inflammatory property. The oil when psoriasis can small doses of to eat inside, by adding it in salads and other dishes.

Burdock oil is more suitable to the extensive lesions of the scalp. It is recommended to apply before bedtime, cut out on top of the film. After several procedures, the state of your skin will improve a lot.

In conclusion, I would remind you once more that only an integrated approach to the treatment and the strict compliance with all recommended measures that can ensure success. Psoriasis is a very complex disease. In addition to therapies to improve the patient's condition should be strictly adhered to the diet, reduce exposure to the sun, and follow the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.