Psoriasis in the initial phase

Periods of remission, under the influence of disadvantaged factors (violation of diet, hypothermia, stress) are replaced grievances, difficult gave treatment. The manifestations of the disease may pursue a person for a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to know what the symptoms says psoriasis in the early stage of development, because it is from an early detection of problems will depend on the efficiency and the success of the treatment.

Psoriasis in the initial phase of the cause of the disease

One of the main reasons that cause psoriasis considered a genetic predisposition. The probability that, болеющие parents give to their illness of a child, is very large. In addition, we highlight a number of factors that can cause the appearance of psoriasis:

  • The functions of the immune system
  • Migrated infectious diseases
  • Endocrine disorders (disturbance of the functions of the thyroid, diabetes mellitus)
  • Stress situations
  • The predisposition to allergies
  • The prolonged intake of drugs

The characteristic of the places of location of the itching when the psoriasis are the hands, the elbows, the trunk, of the head. But, sometimes, дерматоз reaches the surface of the legs, groin, and underarms. Considering the causes of the disease, the experts divide the disease into two main types:

  • Psoriasis of the first type. Occurs in children and adolescents in the midst of a genetic predisposition. The transfer of psoriasis by inheritance can occur in 3 to 4 generations. More than 60% of psoriasis patients have relatives suffering from this disease.
  • Psoriasis is the second type. Appears in people over 40 years old. In this case, the occurrence of the disease is not related to heredity or the malfunction of the immune system. The patients in the first place, they are surprised with the joints and the nails.

As it seems to psoriasis in the initial phase, the symptoms)?

initial psoriasis

Clinical picture early stage of the disease is characterized by sudden onset and the appearance of eruptions on the surface of the hands, feet, elbows, trunk, scalp.The initial phase of psoriasis in children, it is sometimes erroneously mistaken for the manifestations of allergy. The rainfall of the children can appear in places atypical or in areas of the body that are friction from clothing. This is the deception of the disease, as the correct and timely diagnosis will depend on the new round of treatment.

A primordial element for the itching is a papule (pimple) reddish-brown, pink of rounded form with clear boundaries. They tend to coalesce and form plaques of different shapes and sizes. Plate covered the gray cards, which are easily separated. In the area of eruptions of the skin is generally inflamed and отечна. The appearance of the rash may be accompanied by itching.

If the damage is in papules appear typical symptoms, taking the name psoriaticheskoj triad and allows, with confidence, to diagnose the disease.

  1. The phenomenon stearinovogo point. If the damage is on the plate its surface becomes white, scales, covering education отслаиваются, and becomes similar to растертую drop of стеарина.
  2. The phenomenon of thermal film. When the later damage papules and removal of scales, there is a large red surface.
  3. The phenomenon of a dew. If you continue to scrape plate, on its surface act small drops of blood, indicating that the bleeding.

In some cases, the initial phase of psoriasis can осложняться ehkssudativnymi phenomena. When the flakes absorb the exudate (seroznuyu liquid) and turn in a rough crust. If such chips to remove, under remain damp patches of skin. Such phenomena, as dangerous the possibility of attaching a secondary bacterial infection. When the progression of the disease label can grow to large sizes and to capture large portions in the body of the patient.

The initial phase of psoriasis (acute phase) may last for several weeks. Its duration depends very much on the general state of health, the body's resistance, tactics of treatment.

The location of the disease in your hands

The location of the disease in your hands

One of the most severe forms of psoriasis artropaticheskaya, which affects the hands, the skin between the fingers, the brush in the palm of the hand.Psoriasis in the initial stage hands begins with the appearance of rashes, сливающейся red dried stains. With the time, the rashes grow, they appear gray flakes. The skin on the palms of the hands and fingers thickens, gets inflamed, and the crack. The disease is able to surprise and deform the joints of upper and lower limbs, which leads to its swelling, pain, and difficulty in movements. As a result of the evolution of the psoriatic arthritis, threatening social security benefits for incapacity and disability.

Psoriasis in the hands of the patient with a mass of psychological problems and physical and is difficult to treat. In some cases, the development of nail psoriasis, in which the patient occurs the detached nail plate, up to the point of their loss. Externally, this form of the disease resembles fungal infection.

When psoriasis on the hands the skin is inflamed, in the winter, the coat becomes rough and with the time covered with painful cracks. Foci seem to be round or oval plate shiny, red color-clear plates, which are easily separated. Such inflammation is clearly visible in the background of a healthy skin and delivery of a sick person significant psychological discomfort, as well as it is not possible to hide under clothing.

The skin of the hands seem inflamed, rough, and dry. Appear education, similar to those of corn, surrounded the rim, they can communicate with each other and form very large sectors of defeat. In the absence of treatment воспаленная the skin can лопаться, forming painful cracks. All these events reduce the quality of life of the patient, and gives you many minutes of agony.

Psoriasis on the elbows

Psoriasis on the elbows

The most common place for rash are the elbows. Psoriasis in the initial stage on your elbows is characterized by the appearance of isolated eruptions of different diameters, which tend to increase even more. With time, the elements of the rash merge, forming large plates and capturing the vast surface. Plate cover flakes and silver, which are easily separated.

Psoriasis is different волнообразным the nature of the current in which the periods of remission are replaced by periods of exacerbation. The return of the disease usually happens in the winter. During a break in the inflamed elements on the elbows become less visible, poorly painted, and may even disappear completely. In their place are patches of discoloration of the skin.

Psoriasis on the elbows is often the common form (vulgaris) psoriasis, which is characterized by towering over the skin tag of red color, have a rounded shape and clear boundaries. When you do this, the tendency to the fusion of the plates and the formation of large red patches, covered with grey plates.

In some cases, ulnar: psoriasis can occur in экссудативной way. To it, characterized by the appearance of extensive areas of inflamed with the shell and allocation of exudate. Flakes absorb the exudate and on the surface of the plates are formed resistant to chips. The general state of the patient worsens, you may participate in secondary infection, the occurrence of dizziness, temperature, itch, and burning sensation of the skin.

Psoriasis in the head

Psoriasis in the head

Psoriasis of the scalp quite common. The nature of the disease can be easy to have small areas and heavy, extend over the whole scalp, and the same extends beyond the line of growth of hair. In this case the foci of lesions located on the forehead, on the neck, in the area of the ears (see photo).

Psoriasis the initial phase of the head accompanied by itching and irritation of the skin. The patient is brushing the plate, where it is celebrated abundant exfoliate scales, formed dandruff. The permanent damage leads to the appearance of the skin in small abrasions and трещинок, where you can easily penetrate the infection.

During the progression of the process appear plates of large dimensions, it becomes rough and thickens the skin. Flakes also increase in size and are separated already in the form of white flakes. It also notes the accumulation of disorders of itching, the skin loses its elasticity and easily damaging the расчесывании.

Continued the progression of the disease leads to the fact that in the inflamed areas appear grey scales that cover the skin under the hair. The lack of early treatment leads to a greater distribution of the process and the defeat of the skin behind the line of growth of hair.

If at the beginning of the disease cards a bit and they pale, as if erased, as the progression of the disease rash grows, the platelets increase in size, making it shiny and merge with each other When the psoriasis on the head, the hair does not fall even in the case of extensive injuries and serious illness.