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  • Psoriasis is a chronic disease of non -infectious lesion scale, often recurrent and characterized by the appearance of scaly papules. The main symptoms and treatment options for this disease are described in the article.
    9 January 2022
  • It is a psoriasis cure at home. What are the tools that you can cook the popular tradition. Home treatment methods: the efficiency. Best mask to combat the disease.
    30 September 2018
  • Each a cure for psoriasis is directed to the suppression of symptoms and the elimination of external manifestation of the disease. However, the treatment tool may be different, and in different degrees to act effectively in different patients.
    7 September 2018
  • Psoriasis or flake ringworm is not contagious, but it is very unpleasant, genetically, due to illness. External symptoms of this disease manifest themselves in the skin. The cure for psoriasis has not yet been invented, but there are various treatments that help to combat this disease.
    31 August 2018