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  • Елена
    Psorilax – the tool of the budget (moe is satisfied with the price and efficient. The cornea and the scales removes quickly, I got rid of them for 3 weeks, the sister, who suffers also, but more of a light, dealt with the disease of the week. It is convenient that you can buy with delivery in any city.
  • Васил
    I have psoriasis manifests on the elbows: they are like an ironing board washing. Psorilax I bought wife she tired of me looking. But I'm not one to bear a grudge, on the contrary satisfied with normal skin is much more pleasant!
  • Иванка
    Brought large ороговевшие space for a month. Before that, I had to buy or order dozens of creams, lotions and other things. Helped only Psorilaxso , all your friend.
  • Мария
    Use Psorilax as a tool for the prevention of psoriasis. If I have some stress, immediately beginning the stain of the risk zone: elbows, between the fingers and т. д. Up that help.
  • Христо
    Helped son get rid of psoriasis completely. Come face with the school, when suddenly вылезла disease. The doctors said it's stress. Now studying at the university, in the last year, as was the treaty, immediately found the girl. I hope the diploma you will receive, haha! But Psorilax - this is the theme!
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