How to cure psoriasis at home for always folk or remedies

Many diseases of the skin delivered a man of great discomfort. Psoriasis is one of those evils that do not give to live quietly million people, forming scales on the skin покровах. People can't afford to use favorite clothing and constant itching creates an ongoing problem. How to cure psoriasis at home for ever, that the ointment and other tools to apply the treatment for this skin disease have already departed to eternity – with this question, it is necessary to completely understand.

What is psoriasis

The literal translation of the Greek, the psoriasis is a skin rash. The disease is among of the most ancient diseases, is chronic. The manifestation of the disease occurs under the action of their own cells of the immune system of the body. Modern medicine ascribes many types of psoriasis, but the most common ones we can mention the following:

  • vulgar, or apache;
  • guttate;
  • pustular;
  • ладонно - plant;
  • экссудативный;
  • erythroderma and пр.

The main starting signal, which can manifest itself already in the first months of life and that determine the psoriasis, is that appear on the skin white greyish flakes. They are placed on the head over the edge of the hair, in the folds of the joints, areas exposed to excessive friction. Precipitation in its parameters come in different sizes, but in the initial phase, feature small stains, which, with time, grow in great locations.


Can you cure psoriasis

It is not an opinion, that is наиглавнейшей the cause of the disease psoriasis. Among the main factors call it a stressful situation, heredity, genetics, metabolic disorders. Therefore, it may be assumed, and highlight the main methodologies for the treatment of inflammation. Because it leads to a disease of chronic nature, to cure psoriasis completely and forever is not possible, but, if you apply a comprehensive approach can facilitate the state of suffering, the reduction of symptoms.

The treatment of psoriasis at home

Before you treat psoriasis at home it is important to get the advice of a specialist, since only a experienced doctor is able to compensate for exchange rate effective medicamental and physiotherapeutic treatment. Among the main tools and methods of psoriasis treatment at home, which are able to remove or reduce the visible signs of the disease may be called:

  • healing, ointments, creams, waxes;
  • UV-radiation;
  • the sun bath;
  • propolis;
  • therapeutic shampoos;
  • hormonal;
  • lotions;
  • powder;
  • wound;
  • infusions of the plants.

The strict prescription of all assignments, following the instructions of medicines, to regulate their reception to help, although not cure the psoriasis is to always, but, at least, prolong the period of remission, helping the person to feel confident. You must make pauses between the treatment and, if possible, to use multiple medications at the same time, because this way is more difficult to detect, if the therapy.


Folk remedies of psoriasis in the body

The application of remedies of psoriasis in the body, despite what you say, it gives a positive effect, which has been confirmed repeatedly. An important aspect here is that the methods applied and the ingredients have no toxic effects on the body, especially the liver. Many of the techniques they use in cosmetology with success, but it's worth it to know that no matter how we advice folk remedy would not be effective, the treatment, first of all, you should start with a consultation with a doctor. Ointment of psoriasis at home to handle such peculiar psoriasis symptoms such as burning sensation, itching, the appearance of dry, cracked skin can, by applying a variety of ointment prepared by itself. Once the funds for the treatment may contain components, such as vaseline or certain oils, it is worth cautiously approaching their use to people who are prone to allergies. Ointment of psoriasis at home приготавливается simple to do, and to do this, you can use a variety of ingredients calendula fishing scales. Apply the product you need directly on the plates.

Here are some of them:

  • Two eggs and a tablespoon of vegetable oil (and you can choose any one at your discretion) is preparing for the mix to which you want to add the ground-tablespoons of acetic acid. Received daily a mixture of grease problem areas, before bed, after the obligatory acceptance the soul.
  • Mix 25 g of birch fly with 15 g of beeswax, add to the mixture of 10 g vaseline and 5 g of fish oil and boric acid. The resultant composition introduce protein, care, and always stirring. Apply cooked fat ointment one time every day.

Broths and extracts of psoriasis

In addition to the exterior treatment of the folk medicine recommends the use of broths and extracts of psoriasis. You can prepare the brew of oats, an infusion of soup bay leaf or seeds of fennel. Can be purchased in pharmacies without special problems tincture of spruce, which is also famous for its healing properties. Do not underestimate the treatment of psoriasis herbal fuel surcharge (burdock, elderberries, calendula, immortelle, nettle, чистотел), that you can do yourself in a short space of time or to acquire the same greece newsstands.


Therapy baths

Popular in-house treatment therapy baths. Worth knowing is that this form of therapy is not suitable for all patients. People with heart failure, pregnant women, those who have detected a malignant tumor, it is worth to give up water treatments. All the rest, it has no contraindications, you can choose any one of the proposals of the sun for healing in the house of psoriasis:

  • sapiens. The preparation should begin the day before the procedure. Three tablespoons of sage, pour a pint of water, boil for an hour. On the following day, prepared by decoction added to the water.
  • linen. A liter of boiling water, pour 50 g of flax seed, insist, filtered and added to water. An effective tool in the combat with the itching.
  • conifers. Tincture of pine needles added to the water. Take a bath or shower every two days, being the time interval should not exceed 15 minutes. And, here, a bath of pine-kidney is an excellent cure for the psoriasis on my elbows.
  • valérico. 75 ml of dye is added in the warm water. Take a bath or shower of 10 minutes, not more.

The treatment of psoriasis in the head

The biggest discomfort delivery psoriasis, destroying a part of the head with the hair. Escape he can in a gentle way, but sometimes manifests itself in a strong defeat of the skin. The treatment of psoriasis in the head in the house pass with the help of medicines and remedies:

The cure for psoriasis

As there are no strong instruments to cure the disease, in addition to the application of ointments, remedies and medicines for psoriasis in the home, it is highly recommend that you keep a proper diet (and not only during the aggravation!). The food should not include products such as chocolate, citrus fruits, soda, alcohol, fruit and vegetables with a sharp red color, foods that contain dyes and preservatives. After the occurrence of facilitate, you can slowly start to remove the restriction, but when you do this to closely monitor the reaction of the organism. If you raised the question of how to cure psoriasis at home forever, in addition to the drugs to carry out some recommendations:

  • use the means of working with aggressive media, cleaning;
  • use loose-fitting clothing, avoiding frequent contact, and the friction of the fabric with the skin;
  • taking a shower with a medicinal or neutral means;
  • you can use salt lamp, add in a house of crumbs, or bits of sea salt;
  • limit your stay in the sun open and пр.

The prayer of psoriasis

Each person in the treatment of diseases choose your path of healing. Many times, particularly the devotees believe that the prayer of the psoriasis it is able to cope with a disease forever. Believe it or not, each one, personally, decide for themselves. About the belief in the text of the prayer should be read on holy Thursday or another church holiday in bain-marie during her stay in the sauna:

My lord, my Savior, deliver my skin and my body out of the dirt all, of the disease of nefarious, leprosy, unpleasant. Purifies the soul and my heart, thoughts lingering, lustful desires, the memory of the evil, enmity, bold. As I forgive the offenders, and thou, forgive me of my sins and rid me of a disease any. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.