The cause of psoriasis


Many people know about as common and unpleasant disease such as psoriasis. The disease is found in men and women of almost all ages. It is often diagnosed flake ringworm, as it is called disease in medical practice, and in children. The main symptoms of the disease are precipitation in the form of the beak rounded or oval spots on various parts of the body. The advantage of cases of the disease attacks general characteristics. More often psoriatic platelets are found on the elbows, knees, palms of the hands, lotus feet, in the areas of growth of hair on the head, armpits, groin, and skin folds. However, the disease is able to affect not only the dermis. There are types of pathology, adversely affecting the joints (psoriatic arthritis), as well as the nails of a person (psoriasis of the nails), and even the eyes.

Studies in the area of psoriasis going on a long time ago, but until now the nature of the illness is not clarified. Some experts attribute the pathology with the work of the immunity of the person, others claim that the true causes of disease is the stress and excess emotional experiences, others tend to believe in emergence of a disease as a result of violations of metabolic processes in the body. Theories of disease are many, however, none of them have the scientific confirmation. We only know that the psoriasis, the causes of which to this day remain a mystery, refers to the inflammatory disease non-infectious pathologies of chronic character.

The theory of the appearance of psoriasis

The cause of psoriasis is a very controversial issue today, not giving world peace a scientist. Several clinical laboratories and research can not give a scientific explanation for the development of the disease. All the theories are just a guess. In practice, they are committed only to a certain extent. So, in this article we will try to find an explanation for the development of diseases such as psoriasis of the scientific point of view. The cause of psoriasis today, explain the following theories:

  1. Immune.
  2. Hereditary.
  3. Endocrine.
  4. Viral.
  5. Neurogenic.
  6. Exchange.

All of them were developed based on the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease as a result of years of studies of psoriasis.

Immune theory

immune theory

Scientists believe that the cause of the disease is directly related to the immune system and protection of man. This theory is one of the most common and valid for the day today. The representatives of this point of view argue that psoriasis occurs under the influence of such a thing as an assault. This process occurs as a result of the perception of the cells of the immunity of skin cells as the perpetrators. That is, the perception of them as alien bodies., As a result of a response particle skin very inflamed and separated. The rejection process most often starts in the following cases:

  • frequent friction of the skin covering;
  • burns;
  • abrasion, scratches and other damage to the skin.

Research psoriatic scales method biopsy allowed to detect, in some of them antigenic complex, while in the blood, there has been a large amount of antibodies against it. This is, in part, confirms the connection of the disease with immunity, however, to prove fully the theory, in practice, it is not yet possible. It is considered that the violation of a work is the natural protection of the person can be only one of the factors stimulating the occurrence of psoriasis.

The theory of heredity

The appearance of psoriasis also explains the theory and unites it with a genetic predisposition. The defenders of this point of view, with the trust claim that the main cause of the appearance of the disease is the hereditary factor. Simply put, the disease is transmitted from a parent to the parent, the own line.

The research in this area have shown that causes psoriasis can be a genetic predisposition, as well as more than 60% of all patients have to their aged relatives, also suffer from the disease. The same has been able to discover the following characteristics:

  • if psoriasis patient by one of the parents, the probability of occurrence of disease of the child can be of 25%;
  • in this case, when the eruptions periodically suffer from both parents, the risk increases more than the half is 75%.

Theory genetics, today, despite having some confirmation, in practice, is not fundamental. In many cases of a patient by means of in addition to heredity is celebrated composed of a series of other factors stimulants of the disease.


endocrine theory

This theory suggests that the causes of psoriasis may be hiding in a violation of the hormonal balance of the body. Carefully study the pathology, the scientists concluded that the pathologically fast the process of division of cells in the dermis of the human when the disease is associated with a hormonal imbalance. Most often, these failures occur as a result of a variety of diseases of the organs of the endocrine system. This can be pathology of the thyroid, the pancreas, and also the pituitary gland. Also possible causes of failure hormone can act, the state, the following person:

  • pregnancy;
  • ovulation;
  • taking certain medications hormonal.

In practice, the doctors point to a considerable worsening of the disease in the same period. However, despite of such a relationship and, supposedly, the confirmation of the theory in practice, fundamental and proven its not believe.


The cause of the disease, psoriasis is a long period of time without transferring the disease of viral nature, and also with the presence of foci of chronic inflammation in the body. Is based this theory on the facts, and that is in the period of the current disease, caused by any viruses, psoriasis significant aggravated. Are also known the cases the primary appearance of psoriasis during the disease of viral etiology. Refutes the theory that the resulting disease significantly reduced the immunity of a person, that can also be related with the development of psoriasis. In addition to a known fact is that psoriasis is not passed from person to person and, consequently, this theory does not have confirmation from the medical point of view.



The representatives of this point of view claim that often happens psoriasis on nervous soil. Neurogenic theory assigns the causes of psoriasis, are directly related with the psychosomatic state of a person. This point of view is one of the most young and not proven in practice. Explains the theory developed disease, the presence of the following conditions: of the man:

  • the stress;
  • excess of emotion and feelings;
  • sleep disorders;
  • a strong excess of work.

As a result of such violations, the person may occur the neurosis of the blood vessels, which causes their constriction and, as a consequence, occurs a violation of blood flow to the tissues of the dermis. This failure allows the development in the body psoriatic eruptions of different nature.

According to statistics collected in the TWENTIETH century, have a greater percentage of people, with this or any other form of pathology, the precursor to the disease was exactly the stress.

The theory of sharing

The causes of psoriasis and treatment today, are very relevant theme. Because the one who gets psoriasis? This question does not give rest not only to patients but to doctors. The representatives of the theory of violations of exchange processes involving the development of the pathology with violation of the rates functions of the body. In years of research, the disease and the multitude of laboratory it was possible to discover several features that unite all patients. The data obtained give reason to believe that the cause of psoriasis is the dysfunction of the human metabolism. So, what is common:

  1. About the violation of metabolic processes shows the temperature of the body patients below normal.
  2. In the body of patients is celebrated to increase the level of cholesterol and the negative of the other chemical, which in a healthy person, appear naturally.
  3. The imbalance of vitamins. All patients pathology of the vitamin b complex And e are missing. However, the vitamin c, on the contrary, in excess.

Exchange theory, despite having some confirmation, in practice, is not officially approved.

Factors that trigger the disease

In short, you should highlight a series of factors that can not only cause the disease, but also much to aggravate it. So what causes psoriasis, try to find out for on.

Spiritual causes of psoriasis

Often, the onset of psoriasis associated with tensions and anxieties. For the exclusion of complications, doctors recommend limiting the excess of fatigue, tension and nervous situations able to trigger a stress.

Infectious disease of character


Cause primary the development of the disease and its complications are able to chronic inflammatory diseases. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, it is recommended that the time to treat the infection, do not run the disease, consulting a doctor.


The causes of psoriasis in women, often associated with pregnancy. It was during this period that the body are marked strong hormonal changes. All future mother, suffering from a disease, is very attentive to their health. Preventive measures include timely visit female consultation, avoid stress, proper diet, refusal of bad habits, to wake up the day.

Injuries and damage to the skin

The cause of the disease, often found in chemical and mechanical lesions in the dermis. A variety of burns, wounds, scratches and other microtrauma can become the factor that triggered the disease. Also, the disease may develop due to the effect on the skin chemicals. For example, a variety of cleaning products. The people who work with these materials, the doctors recommend using protective equipment.

Bad habits


Also showed a significant negative impact of bad habits on the course of the disease. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other types of drugs highly aggravating for the psoriasis. This is due to a communication of impact of bad habits on the immunity of the patient.

The use of some means doctor

Many medicine are able to bring not only benefits but also losses. When the psoriasis is the use of such medications, such as some types of antibiotics, Immunostimulants, vitamin complex, can cause the malfunction of the immune system. The consequence is the complication of the disease.

Poor diet

The daily diet of a person can also be the cause of the development of the pathology and its significant complications. Patients who suffer from the disease or has a predisposition to the disease, it is critical to watch your diet. From the food, it is recommended to exclude fatty, spicy, fried, smoked, very salty. Nutritionists recommend to give preference to food cooked in steam, as well as the cooking method. The work must be a sufficient number of fruits and vegetables, fermented foods.

Then, the causes of psoriasis are very varied. Cause a disease capable of many factors. However, one should not think that psoriasis is a sentence. Timely treatment, a responsible attitude with your body, adjust the mode of day and feed, allow you to deal with the disease and exclude complications in the future.