Psoriasis of the scalp

The development of the pathology can vary from isolated plates of up to several, including the defeat of the entire scalp. Among other things, the psoriasis progresses forward over the face, involving the process of the skin of the forehead, spreading on the back surface of the neck and in the region of the ears.

psoriasis in the head

According to the research statistics, psoriasis, suffering from some 5.7 million inhabitants, and throughout the world there are about 4% of the population with this unpleasant dermatological pathology. Location the process is different, but often hairy part of the head is the only area of the body, in which are observed manifestations of psoriasis (such as is typical for more than 50% of clinical cases).

The causes of psoriasis in head

The origin and causes of psoriasis, as is the case for other types of the disease, until the end has not been clarified. According to the American academy of dermatology, the premiere of a disease process occurs because of a violation of the functioning of the human immune system.

According to the basic theory, in the body of the patient occurs the autoimmune process, during which, in skin tissue integument increases the concentration of T-lymphocytes — cells that play an important role in the immune response. Its buildup takes a long inflammatory process that expresses itself in skin thickening and the appearance of scaly formations.

To help! The autoimmune process, is a phenomenon in which a person's immune system attacking the body, not the protects.

The improper application of immunity caused by close triggers, does not directly cause disease, but the provision of a certain value. Background the causes of scalp psoriasis, the following:

  • Heredity plays an important role in the chain of development of a disease process: it is believed that the risk of the premiere of psoriasis increases when there is disease, there is at least a close relative. This assertion is not accepted by all professionals and is still being discussed.
  • The stress. Emotional experiences may aggravate the dysfunction of the immune system, which manifests itself in more severe psoriasis, or in its premiere in the distribution.
  • The use of medicines. It is believed that some medicines affect the development of the process; in particular, it is reported on the side event of the effect of indomethacin. The drug is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory the middle (NSAIDS), and is recommended in the treatment of arthritis. Also are indicated the data on the provocation of pathology quinidine, which applies in cardiology, such as antiarrhythmics tool.
  • Other factors that can lead to the development of a pathology of the predispose individuals: keloids damages, injuries of various kinds, angina, and other.

The diagnosis of psoriasis

The decision of a person to go to the doctor often depends on the severity of symptoms: some patients are ashamed of their disease or simply do not consider necessary to spend your time to stay in health clinics, especially when the light of the symptomatology.

Professionals highly recommended to consult a dermatologist when the rash in any place and at any time. The treatment usually depends on the cause of the appearance of the eruptions, therefore, it is necessary to timely and accurate diagnosis, even if the symptoms of a disease process expressed weakly.

In many cases, psoriasis of the scalp is diagnosed when the physical examination, inspection, study the history of the disease and the life of a patient. Specialist able to diagnose the disease of a simple study of the precipitation. In some situations, it is recommended a blood test and a biopsy for the differential diagnosis with other skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema and other).

Although there is again the psoriasis can occur regularly, usually, the condition is not considered serious — it is only important to observe the medical recommendations at the time of the search for the necessary treatment.

The symptoms and the first signs of psoriasis in the head

the symptoms of psoriasis

The follicle psoriasis, often has the term and practically unnoticeable. Signs of psoriasis head are individualized, therefore, some patients may develop a heavy progression of the disease, which includes the formation of wounds and long-term pathology. Intense itching causes sleep disturbance and resistant to scratching lead to infection of the skin and loss of hair.

As it seems psoriasis head? Light the degree of the disease differs from less intense manifestations: are noted almost imperceptible maps of precipitation, almost not giving the patient any discomfort.

Moderate and severe the degree includes the following symptoms and signs of disease:

  • Rocky irregular reddish-violet the dark.
  • Dry skin on the head.
  • You receive the shell resembles dandruff.
  • Unbearable itching.
  • Burning and pain in the rashes.
  • The bleeding occurs of scratches or the removal of scales.
  • Temporary hair loss.

If the patient has a history of a psoriasis in the head and some of the symptoms above, this leads to re-treatment with a dermatologist.

Pay attention! By itself, the psoriasis does not cause hair loss; this lead to intense scratching, along with the stress. The follicle growth is resumed after cleaning of the skin.

Phase of current of psoriasis

Pathological process occurs spontaneously and in the form of wave, including the participation in various phases of the disease:

  1. The stage of progression. Occurs when the onset of the disease or its relapse. Is leaking, as the appearance of new eruptions on the skin, which can blend between them, forming an extensive involvement of the skin covering the pathological process. In psoriatic elements of the rash may occur peeling.
  2. The phase of retention. This phase implies the security of the process, however, new eruptions no longer occur. During this period of "monotonous" the growth of boards and is celebrated around the rim of the skin items. This phase usually serves as an indicator of success for the selected treatment.
  3. The stage of appeal. It is manifested by the reduction of the volumes of eruptions, and determined the efficiency of performed therapy. For this phase characterized by the appearance of the rim Voronov — fold the skin around psoriatic arthritis the point. At the same time, peeling smooth, disappears, and in place of the plates can form off of the point.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis of the scalp

the treatment of psoriasis

How to treat psoriasis on the head? The first line of defense is the therapy, which is applied directly on the skin coverage: curative, shampoos, creams, gels, oils, ointments and soaps.

Between the medicines of free sale, fda approved the fda food and drug administration (FDA), the most popular are:

  • Cleaning the base of salicylic acid. The salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory action, effectively removing the outer bark layer and decreasing the epidermis. The disadvantage is the local irritating effect and the thinning of the hair, which causes it to break.
  • Coal resin. The action is based on inhibition of growth of cells of the skin, which allows you to restore the appearance. Also, in the resin reduce the itching and inflammatory process.

In some cases, when the psoriasis on the head of a treatment method becomes an injection of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in disease areas of the skin. This therapy is relevant when soft to the development of the disease.

In the struggle with scalp psoriasis help phototherapy, which uses laser and other light sources. For example, the excimer laser focuses the radiation of high intensity in the areas affected, should avoid contact with healthy skin. The ultraviolet radiation is used for the treatment of the entire scalp. In the case of cuts short-hair it is recommended to just go out for a short period of time under natural sunlight.

The escape of the disease and the prevention of

Unfortunately, causal therapy (that is, the treatment aimed at the cause of the disease) does not exist. However, the symptomatic treatment and physiotherapy and treatments help in eliminating the undesirable signs of disease, control of recurrent episodes, and not allow the recurrence of psoriasis.

The course of the disease in the majority of cases, favorable and does not cause serious problems. At the same time, a long time psoriasis on the head with the emergence of "fresh" signal causes to medical treatment.

Because at the moment, there is no time for scientific research, which could determine the cause of the development of the disease and dysfunction of the immune system in general, preventing the development of psoriasis has predispose individuals quite difficult. To the experts, there is a good answer to the question of how to cure psoriasis on the scalp. At the same time, the symptomatic treatment allows you to avoid the spread and progression of the process.

People who suffer from scalp psoriasis, you can use certain recommendations and hints, what is going on prevention of relapse status:

  1. In a timely manner, see your dermatologist and get the necessary treatment. Ointments or oral medications allow not only to prevent the progress of the disease, but also improve the quality of life, reducing the irritation and the itching.
  2. Treat the scalp "soft": avoid vigorous washing and brushing the hair, as this can cause them to break and fall.
  3. To avoid scratching. The risks may cause the development of bleeding and may have an infection.
  4. See a psychologist or participate in support groups, whether because of appearance, feel a permanent psychological discomfort.
  5. Timely hydration is a kind of people of the method. This will not lead to a cure for psoriasis, but to improve the condition and appearance of the skin of the integument.
  6. Avoid known triggers. Choose the one that most triggers the recurrence of the disease and try not to let these factors to your life.