Psoriasis in children

Infant psoriasis is unpleasant phenomenon not only for the little patients, but also for their parents. The chronic disease causes anxiety and concern of adults for the health of children. Fortunately, the disease does not apply to infectious infections, is not transmitted by contact with other children and through household objects. What causes the appearance of psoriasis in children, you can cure it?

Causes of psoriasis in children

A child's life, filled with emotional bursts, of joys, of sorrows and of physical activity much higher than that of an adult. The body it vulnerable physiologically and psychologically, hence the majority of the causes of psoriasis. The doctors have joined them in a list:

  • In the first place is the genetics. If one of the parents of the child patient of psoriasis, which, in 25% of cases the child will inherit the disease. When the disease from both parents the risk increases to 50% to 70%.
  • Strong allergy. Children eat many foods which are serious allergens (chocolate, seafood, citrus fruits, red fruits). Acting in the body, they cause stress to the digestive system and negatively affect the nervous system small patient.
  • Stress, related to physical action. It is estimated that about 18% of the children suffer from psoriasis, which won the cause of physical stress (hypothermia, severe abrasion, blows heat).
  • Mental tension. A small body, unstable emotionally, it is hard going through the death of loved ones, the scandals in the family, problems of communication in the school, situational fears. The task of parents is to reduce such emotion.
  • Disturbances in metabolism due to a poor diet, when the parents do not take care of the menu for your child.

Diagnosis of psoriasis in child

The professional enough to see the first signs of psoriasis in children, to make a diagnosis with an inspection of the little patient. To the exclusion of other diseases common in childhood, is assigned bioscopy (scrape) the skin is the integument and blood and urine tests.

Forms of psoriasis suffer the children? In order to understand how psoriasis in children, it is necessary to know its shape. The doctors divide the disease in some basic types:

  • Stained way. Провоцируется staphylococcal infection. Rashes represent red patches with a size of up to 1 см. Manifests spotted psoriasis in children in the legs, arms, trunk. When relaxed, immunity and propensity to disease of the size of the spots increases.
  • The asymmetry shape. The type of disease, reaching the joints of the members. The external signs of psoriasis in children in the arms combine with an armbar syndrome, when the child complains that it hurts your fingers. This type can turn into psoriatic arthritis, which is very dangerous for the health.
  • Pustular form. In children develops rarely. Observes the emergence of small papules, gradually coalescing in a great spot. In severe cases a rash may completely cover the body.
  • Erythrodermic view. Accompanied by the inflammatory process and отеками areas.
  • Vulgar way. Occurs psoriasis in children on your head in the form of a pink acne. It is able to surprise the small and large joints. It manifests itself in the same places.

The symptoms of psoriasis in children

Notice the initial symptoms of psoriasis in children is difficult, after all, the disease manifests itself in a small image to your ad loved one. The point does not attract the attention of the child, do not itch, do not hurts, the baby does not complain to the parents. The precipitation on the head can be seen even less, if the son or daughter's thick hair, and the number of eruptions to a minimum.

It is easier to recognize the psoriasis in children on your face, when papules усеивают cheeks, forehead, ears. The precipitation may be accompanied by:

  • the itching;
  • strong redness of the skin;
  • chills and fever.

Particularly manifests the disease in areas of the skin that firmly in contact with the clothes. The friction of the fabric on the dead space causes the scabies and inflammation, it traumatiza the epidermis, leading to progression of the disease. New papules quickly turn into large plates, which connect with each other and form a slick of up to 5 inches in diameter. What are the methods of coping with the disease offers the modern medicine?

Methods of treatment of psoriasis in children

Modern methods of treatment of psoriasis in children effective enough to stop the progress of the pathology. Completely clean the body of disease is not the case. In the case of minor patients is conducted the primary hospitalization, can determine the stage and type of disease, as well as taking the right tactic and its treatment.

Medical therapy

In drug therapy children psoriasis use to be the same, such as medicines and treatment of diseases in adults. The small patient can be assigned to:

  • Sedative sedative means (Motherwort, Valerian). Medicines reduce the emotional stimulus of the child and alert you to the aggravation of the chronic process. They are especially useful as tools in school age, when changes the rhythm of life of children.
  • Desensitizing, which removes the an allergic reaction, drugs (5% calcium gluconate or 10% calcium chloride). In the midst of allergy platelet inflamed, which is a strong discomfort for the child.
  • If itching bother the child constantly, take medicines, anti-histamines in the age range of dosage.
  • Tranquilizers reduce the physical activity, that allows you to protect children from injuries of the affected areas.
  • The vitamins of the group В. Inject drugs by injection. The course of the reception and 10-20 accidents.
  • Vitamins and А.
  • The transfusion of blood match weekly the introduction of albumin.
  • Pyrogens that help to improve the permeability of blood vessels. The drugs are able to reduce the rate of cell division of the skin, preventing the formation of new plates.
  • In some cases, when the disease is difficult, it is prescribed glucocorticosteroids.

Are listed the medicines, the patient must receive, in a hospital setting or under the supervision of your doctor.

Application outdoor tools

Important forms for the treatment of psoriasis are considered as ointments, creams, and lotions. Use them for the treatment of the affected areas.

If the kids psoriasis on the face or in the head, apply euphyllinic or papaverine ointments. The drug rubbed smooth movements, trying very much not to break the surface of the plate.

For the hands and stop useful to make compresses with salicylic acid, sulfur-tar or prednisolone of ointments. Apply an ointment over the affected area, wrap the cellophane paper, hermetically sealed, a skirt, a bandage, leave the dressing during the night. Under the healing influence, the composition of the catch to soften it, lessen its severity, fall flakes.

Locations appliques with the addition of sapropel improve the water balance of the skin, alleviate inflammation and itching. If the precipitation has touched all over the body, use sapropel for therapy baths.

To get more treatments

In addition to pills and ointments, in the treatment of psoriasis in children use procedures of physiotherapy. Sedatives bathroom and УФО reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease, which facilitate the term, which relieves a bit sick of unpleasant sensations such as itching and the pain threshold of the syndrome.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends, as competent to resolve the causes that trigger the disease. Thus, for younger patients suffering from psoriasis, which necessarily is carried out sanitation of the oral cavity. The procedure helps identify and eliminate foci of infection (dental caries).

Prevention of child psoriasis

Even knowing the cause of the education of psoriasis, a disease difficult to predict, more precisely, to establish, as it can manifest itself. Because a child is not able to align their life accordingly, to reduce the risks of disease, the parents have to perform preventive mission.


What is important to remember?

Parents should always remember that psoriasis is an incurable disease, that will remain the child for his whole life. If you are a child learns to eat right, dress if you look at the hygiene of the procedure, in the future, it will be easier to endure the disease and it does not enter in a serious manner.

It is clear that, if an adult patient of psoriasis, to prevent the son or daughter it is almost impossible. If you even talk about other causes, you can resolve. Follow these rules:

  • Take care of children's physical and psychological excessive. Try to avoid scandals family in front of your daughter or son. Be careful the child has not had a lot of time in the cold, did not do a great load on your body physically and it was not very long in the sun, with head uncovered, for not have the thermal shock.
  • The purchase of children's clothing, made from natural materials, does not contain chemical dyes.
  • Carefully make a diet of children. In the menu of the child must not be present products with strong allergenic symptom. Delete the dishes that have already caused an allergic reaction in your child.
  • If the child was sick with a cold or other sickness, we will give you medications, called a doctor. Do not self-medicate.
  • Any, even the most innocuous, in his opinion, medicine, can strengthen the disease process, to deliver a lot of discomfort to your treasure.