The cure for psoriasis: best medication at home

The main feature of the treatment of psoriasis — in order to find exactly the type of drug, which is good for helping you in particular. For this, you must pass certain tests, examinations and consult with a specialist.


Types of medications for psoriasis

All drugs against psoriasis can be divided into several main groups. They can be used independently or in conjunction with other.

For example, the tablet will be used for interior applications and the cream or ointment will have external exposure. So, visibly improves the effectiveness of a treatment.

By 2017 statistics of psoriasis patients, which runs the risk of be is not in our favour, since the analysis of diseases this year has demonstrated a remarkable leap number of people.

While scientists are not the true causes of psoriasis, to develop the best and most effective remedy against psoriasis they may not.

But now, the list of drugs it allows, if necessary, the more easy to acquire for themselves an effective way. It remains only to determine with the help of the doctor, what kind of group of medications, and in conjunction with which techniques you the most efficient way possible.

A medicine against psoriasis can have the following forms:

  • Cream;
  • Ointment;
  • Gel;
  • Spray;
  • The oil;
  • Homeopathic products;
  • Shampoo;
  • The adhesive;
  • Chinese tool;
  • The tablet;
  • Injection.

About they should talk separately, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of medications.


  • Cream relate to a group of funds of psoriasis, which would make for a more effective impact;
  • Cream well with the elimination of the symptoms of the disease;
  • The main components of the cream is the substance, the oil, water and emulsifiers;
  • A small amount of fat contributes to the hydration of the skin, which is extremely important when the psoriasis;
  • One of the best creams is considered to be a drug with vitamin D, which, in conjunction with ultraviolet rays to quickly eliminate all the manifestations of psoriasis;


  • The main advantage of hormonal ointment — the rapid elimination of symptoms and effective treatment. When the hormones cause certain side effects and cause dependence;
  • The most preferred type of ointment of psoriasis is a non-hormonal group;


  • The gel allows you to eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis and deal with the external manifestations in light, medium and internships;
  • Gels are versatile and highly directional actions;
  • Depending on the type of gel, it can be applied topically or orally;
  • The main task of the oral gel to bring the body of all harmful substances and toxins;
  • The gel is not acting as a panacea for psoriasis, or is, to use it as the only tool to deal with the disease not worth. But the medication to assist significantly improves the efficiency of the action of other medicines.


  • Enough for a new direction in the treatment and prevention of psoriasis is the application of spray;
  • The Spray is mostly recommended during the remission;
  • The task of spray-psoriasis — taking care of the affected skin to treatment;
  • Sprays do not include in the composition of hormones, which makes them absolutely safe;
  • Main functions — to take the inflammation, the itching, has an anti-septic and an effect of hydration;


  • The oil — this is, by far, is not a new word in medicine, and in particular in the treatment of psoriasis;
  • The oil is widely applied in medicine in the variety of skin diseases;
  • The main disadvantage of the oil is the likelihood of an allergic reaction because of vegetable origin;
  • All the oils used as medicines, divided in food and essential oils;
  • The most effective essential oils are based on Jasmine, cedar, Daisy, mint and tea lounge tree;
  • Comments show that the sea buckthorn oil is well-helps to eliminate inflammation, relieve irritation and speed up the regeneration of skin integument;
  • As the edible oil in the treatment of psoriasis at home use burdock, linseed and olive oil.


  • The patient not infrequently faced with the appointment from the doctor to homeopathic;
  • An important feature of homeopathy is that this type of treatment can be assigned at different stages of disease progression;
  • Homeopathy is the set of effect and the strengthening of the immunity of the person;
  • In comparison with many hormonal homeopathic medicines totally made up of natural ingredients;
  • This makes possible the assignment of this medicine in children and pregnant women;
  • Homeopathic remedies are valid, even in the period of breastfeeding;
  • The type and methodology of the receipt of the homeopathic medicine is determined by the doctor after individual research and analysis.


the treatment of psoriasis

The shampoo is an effective drug in the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp. Experts point out the important role of shampoo to get rid of the symptoms and the consequences of the disease.

The shampoos are divided into several main groups:

  • Tar;
  • Antifungosa empiric appropriate;
  • Therapy;
  • Cosmetic;
  • Park.


To get rid of psoriasis at home, in the last actively began to use a new drug to the adhesive.

The essence of his application is pretty simple:

  1. First, it is removed from the film adhesive.
  2. Pre-recommended to process the affected area with warm water, washing away possible contamination.
  3. Before you paste the sticker.
  4. At the expiration of the term specified in the instruction, the adhesive is removed.
  5. During the day, the procedure was repeated several times.

The adhesives easy to use and show a good efficiency. This happens because the enter into the composition of a special board of medicines of the component.


  • The pill and injection are related to the drugs high steps. Its effectiveness is beyond doubt;
  • When you do this, the medicine when psoriasis in the form of tablets or injections, is only assigned if the importance of the appointment of the doctor;
  • Buy and use the self medication is highly not recommended. It's not worth risking your health.

It is best to consult a doctor regarding the correct treatment of psoriasis using proven and effective medicines.