Psoriasis or eczema

When the person appear rash, some ignore for a long time, considering that they "same will". If we neglect the first signs of such serious diseases as psoriasis or eczema, the consequences can be bad. To the doctor-the dermatologist will not be difficult to distinguish them from each other and pick a proper treatment. But the possibility of consulting specialists is not always. That will help to determine the type of eruptions and to understand, whether it is psoriasis or eczema?

The similarities between psoriasis and eczema

Among the manifestations of psoriasis and eczema there are really evident to the naked eye similarities, because of which many confuse these diseases. And then, and the other disease reaches the epidermis. In addition, and for psoriasis and eczema are typical the same parts of the body, who suffer the first. In both cases, they are the palm of the hand and foot (about 80% of the cases).

Another similarity is that both diseases can occur in different ways. For example, they can be a characteristic abundant desquamation. The same is and the pathogenesis of both diseases. Cause your return can be the same causes: excess alcohol and poor diet, hormonal failures, problems with the working of the immune system of the body and t. d.

What is the difference psoriasis eczema?


Furthermore, differences between psoriasis and eczema to be more, than similarities. If this is how the disease primarily on the external manifestations, their difference becomes evident with a closer observation on the trend of the disease.

For psoriasis is characterized by some effects which are not observed when eczema:

  • Stearin the macula. Noticeable when you shoot the upper flakes. The more clean, more new, receive;
  • The effect of the wet film. If you completely remove all the flakes with plate, its surface will be visible to film of a liquid transparent color with pinktth shadow;
  • The damn pink. If removing the film, formed after the removal of scales, appear spots small volume.

Dermatologists pay attention to other striking differences:

  • when eczema more strongly manifested itching and burning sensation;
  • the point with eczema do not have a clear outline, which can't be said about the psoriatble plate;
  • the crust on the skin in case of eczema gray-yellow, and when the psoriasis white;
  • eczema reaches the soft patches of skin (for example, folds), and psoriasis solid (for example, knees, elbows);
  • surface eruptions on the psoriasis dry skin excessively dry and in the surrounding areas of the plates and, in the case of eczema is moist.

To accurately diagnose the place or another disease, need to know their characteristics:

  1. Characteristics of psoriasis. The disease manifests itself in the form of eruptions that can hit up to 70% of the entire plot of the skin. The stains have a higher dry scales are red or even bright brown hue. There are some parts of the body, which rarely reaches the eczema, but often the psoriasis – feettevye the plate and the follicle of the head veil. The characteristics of psoriasis, to recognize what is enough to work with one of the cards is the "triad" above effects: the effect withterinosho stains, wet the film and it bloody dew;
  2. Characteristics of eczema. The precipitation does not have a clear contour and in a certain way. The disease never reaches feettevye cards, as this part of the body is very firm. Eczema has several forms: glare, microbial, atopic. The last of these is the most common, it is related to problems in the functioning of the immune system of the body. Many times, eczema develops in the midst of the severe shock, nervous, constant stress and other psychological problems. Many times, the treatment becomes more difficult due to secondary infection – when you brush memorydvalue of spots occurs the infection.

What is allergic contact dermatitis of

Allergic dermatitis is another common skin disease. The inflammatory process that causes, is associated with the exposure to the stimulus, the allergen, which is not tolerated by the body. This substance can be absolutely any type of element, and the problem is not in itself, but the way he reacts individually skin.

Most often the allergens are:

  • nickel (any decor: rings, earrings, and t. d.);
  • latex (gloves, condoms, baby nipples);
  • medicines that have an intolerance individual (often antibiotics);
  • cosmetics for skin care;
  • some materials used in the manufacture of clothing (synthetic, rubber, and t. d.);
  • the substances that contain in their composition toxins (for example, any painting) and t. d.
The ointment

The degree of development of eczema depends on several factors, the main of which is the length of time during which the allergen has exerted a effect of injection on the skin, the age and the general state of health.

The symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis changes with the passing of time. First the skin will appear red spots, often large. Many times this symptom remains without attention, which leads to the development of the next – the formation of small bubbles. During the inflammatory process, they gradually burst and in their place remain weeping patches of skin. If left without attention, and the symptom, may form a crust, which constantly crack, which causes hemophilia.

How to treat psoriasis

The treatment of psoriasis requires an integrated approach. Usually you have to combine the use of tools for outdoor application in and diet. To determine which medications are best to assign, you should understand the cause that caused the disease.

For example, if the precipitation became a sign of the immune system of the body, then, first of all, you must start the administration of drugs to the inside, to strengthen it. If the disease was in the nervous solo, then start the treatment is necessary from work on the psychological condition of a person. Experienced dermatologists, first determine the cause, then, in studying the characteristics of an organism, and only then pick up medicines.

There are also a lot of people from the revenues, which many people also take the opportunity to combat the psoriasis. For example, the popular ointment based solidol. You can buy them as a finished product, and you can prepare your own meals. Simple to prepare is the ointment to the base of solidol, honey and an egg yolk.

If the same treatment folk recipes does not give the desired result, it is important not to tighten with the consultation of specialists.

The ointment

The ointment of psoriasis are divided into two main groups: the hormonal basis and not. Some dermatologists prescribe the first of them, the other one the same called to live non-hormonal means. Let's see with more details each group.

Hormonal ointment is the most common type of medicines for psoriasis. The opponents of such means to speak about the danger of side effects after the use, even in the case of treatment interruption. The doctors explain that hormonal drugs oral dangerous ones are those that can affect the functioning of the immune system, causing failures in their operation. Tools for external use in such a capacity cannot be, therefore, the only requirement for your safety, the treatment is not very long in the reception (to avoid habituation) and not sharp termination.

The undisputed advantage of hormonal ointments of psoriasis is its efficiency and speed to achieve the desired result. After a few minutes after application, usually, comes the relief, eliminate unpleasant symptoms, such as a strong itching and burning sensation and also decreases the inflammatory process. Of course, disposable hormone cream little, usually, the application time is a few weeks.

The ointment, not having the hormonal base, also, are often used to treat psoriasis. Often, for cooking use recipes folk.

Among the advantages of this choice of treatment can be noted the lowest cost, the security, and the minimum number of contraindications. Method non-hormonal ointment of psoriasis are divided into several groups:

  • The traditional ointment: Ichthyol, d.tArnie, NAFtlanovia, Kartalinia. These medicines have a high degree of efficiency through the provision of antиwithепtичеwithкого, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. The main disadvantage is considered to be the inconvenience of its use. They all have sharp, unpleasant odor, long to be absorbed, so that ruin the clothes and require frequent applications;
  • Keraslysis. These tools more effectively, accelerate the healing process of the plates. This becomes possible by enhancing the process of exfoliation of dead cells. In addition to anti-inflammatory, keraslysis powerful action antimicrobial;
  • Phyto-ointment. Despite its prevalence, doctors are encouraged to refer to the application of such medication in reasonable using them, not as the main tool for the treatment, and as adjuvant therapy. Anti-inflammatory and healing effect as eye-ointments, nicely complement the impact of the major drugs used for the treatment of psoriasis;
  • Moisturizing ointment and cream. Should be, as well as Fitpreparets, as auxiliary to enhance the effect of the main drugs. Moisturizing ointment has a beneficial effect on the state of the cover of the skin, and this happens on a cellular level, which helps to accelerate the regeneration of dead boards from phases.

The treatment of eczema

The treatment of eczema assigns to the dermatologist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and the course of the disease. The therapy consists of several factors: the impact on the affected area of the skin of tools for outdoor application, eliminating your contact with irritants, follow a diet. During the execution of a form of the disease may occur the need for the application of more serious drugs, such as antibiotics.

To eliminate the itching, which is for eczema since the beginning of its development, are often assigned abouttивоаллергичеwithкие drugs. They can be designed as an oral and external use. Many times, the treatment assigned as lotions or compresses with anti-septic. To request the resolution of the inflammatory process it is advisable to start the application of tools that contain in their composition the corticosteroids.


Psoriasis, eczema, neurodfermionst - healthy foods

Healthy food is essential part of the therapy of any skin disease. For some, this is strange, because at first glance skin rashes have nothing to do with the state of the stomach and the work of the digestive system. However, any dermatologist, without doubt, confirm this association.

When the psoriasis, eczema and other similar diseases, given the same recommendations. It is worth mentioning that this diet is not particularly fierce, so if you want, you can get used to quickly.

A diet is necessary to eliminate the fat, grilled and sharp. Special emphasis need to make use of foods of vegetable origin, vegetables and fruits (but not citrus, to avoid a possible action allergens). It is expressly prohibited are products such as coffee and alcohol. Sometimes, especially when eczema, dermatologists advise us to proceed to the download days. This time, it is best to drink the juice of neutral products, juices (apple, vegetables, carrot). If you have any questions regarding nutrition you can consult your dermatologist.