How to cure psoriasis is to always? The causes of psoriasis and its treatment.

This disease a person becomes for the whole life, experiencing the alternating recurrence and remission. Before writing the article, I too, spoke with the psoriasis patients, about their methods of healing. And today, these recipes to share with You.

the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis. Causes of the disease

The cause of psoriasis in general, the science are not known. Today the respect, there is only the version and assumptions, the occurrence of which, however, is based on the direct surveillance and years of experience. Distinguish hereditary and acquired psoriasis. Modern scientific research, the advances in the development of allergy, immunology hinted that is developing this disease, such as an allergic reaction to the presence in the human body, an alien antigens: parasites, micro-organisms, non-bacterial allergens. To study the causes of psoriasis investigated the blood of 40 people with psoriasis. The results surprised: in 80% of patients with an exacerbation of disease caused a fungal infection, 60% – bacterial infection (staphylococci, streptococci), 20% – food, household, pollen, medications, allergens. Popularly psoriasis is known as a flake of ringworm that manifests itself in the form of small pink nodules on the surface of the skin, about the size of pinhead. But, these nodules have a tendency of rapid growth. Initially, small, they are fused, forming a plate, the surface is covered with a large number of scales silver – white color. These flakes easy enough for kneading-hence the name "flake ringworm". As all ringworm scaly manifests itching, and even lightly scratching the battered disease place, scales easily, fall down, open the red (when severe forms - wet) a glossy surface, which are visible to the speakers drops of blood. This is one of the signs of psoriasis. Rash, often appears in the region of the elbows and knees, at least on the head, but when severe the disease reaches the chest, the back and inguinal areas of the body. If the rash is extensive, observed redness and swelling. Cracks appear and itching. General weakness, pain in the joints. On the emotional level generic occurs irritability, decreased or lack of appetite, disturbance of sleep, sometimes, increases the temperature of the body. Psoriasis is not just a skin disease! Psoriasis is basically affects the central nervous system and in the glands of internal secretion, on metabolism. It is believed that its appearance can cause frequent colds disease, chronic sinusitis, periodontal disease and dental caries. Psoriasis inherent in the clinical phase, with a badge for them, the distinctive features:

  1. Progressing stage, it expresses the exacerbation of symptoms and a sharp current of disease.
  2. Fixed the stage you must complete the clinical picture and striking signs.

A distinctive feature of exudative psoriasis is pronounced the inflammatory process, manifesting the presence of layers of plates and shells, covering weeping surface. The more heavy type of psoriasis is pustular psoriasis. This form occurs in soil heavy stressful situations and infectious diseases. Pustular psoriasis has a sharp chain, accompanied by fever, leukocytosis. Pustules (converted scales and plates) occupy extensive areas of the body, causes detachment from the epidermis, which is accompanied by a strong burning and purulent process. This type of psoriasis is able to be even on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

The treatment of psoriasis quite diverse. Of light for the manifestation of the disease is enough outdoor therapy. To do this, use drying mitigating and ointments, such as salicylic acid, ointment, medications of tar and Naftalan, adaptogens. Also the treatment of the skin includes a natural anti-sepsis (100% oil of tea tree – which add in shampoos or gels for the body wash). But this is just an event, an inhibitor of local inflammation, but, essentially, it does not affect the cause of the disease. But, severe forms require integrated treatment consisting of detoxification and anti-sense specific funds. This therapy is only possible in a hospital environment.

In the treatment of psoriasis significant role, it is assigned to a food regime. From diets eliminate products with the increased amount of cholesterol (fatty meats, liver, kidney, egg yolk), eliminate salt and spicy foods. Asked germinated wheat, oats, wheat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. It is still useful cupboard of juice, as a remedy that cleans the blood (1-2 cups per day), effective vitamins, teas fruit, rosehip, blackcurrant, stinging nettle. The diet includes a salad of parsley and dandelion, which is pre-soaked in 10% solution a statue of salt, for 30 minutes.

Remember that the treatment of psoriasis must be, necessarily, an integrated approach. Due to the fact that their appearance due to a mental disorder and neurosis, recommend it as a sedative the means to take tincture of valerian, in severe cases - antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. The essential are medications to stabilize the function of the kidneys and the liver, and remedy against allergy.

Psoriasis. Recipes of traditional medicine

Popular medicine has the point of view of flake ringworm, the treatment uses easy, and no less effective recipes to the base of plants, called corticosteroids, in particular, licorice root bare, a teaspoon of that, pour a glass of water and boiled 10 minutes, after an hour insist. Take 1 St. scoop up to 5 times per day.

To ensure the stimulation of the adrenal gland and antigoStamine steps use the statement of a series of tripartite, 1 St. spoon which is poured 200 ml of boiling water and boil on low heat until ? of the initial volume. Take the tincture 10 to 30 drops three times a day 30 minutes before meals, for 2 weeks.

To stimulate the metabolism and improve the body's defense is prescribed extract of aloe, the leaves of which are formed after 12 days of the tincture in a dark place with a temperature of 6 to 8 degrees, biogenic stimulants, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements and vitamins. Fresh canned aloe juice have 1 h. teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before a meal. The fresh juice and tolheye sheets apply to the hit areas of the skin.

To normalize the lipid metabolism in the body recommended by such means: 1.Juice of banana: 1 tablespoon pour a glass of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes on a small fire. After insisting that an hour and strain. Take 1 tablespoon three times a day for 15 minutes before a meal. 2.Broth-of-lion doctor:1 a dessert spoon, pour a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes, strain and take 1-3 St. teaspoon three times a day for 15 minutes before a meal. With the aim of regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates use the decoction of the root of the tooth-of-lion: 1 St. the spoon, which is poured 300 ml of water, boiled for 7 minutes and take 1/2 cup three times a day.

And as an agent for anti-inflammatory use this type of mixture: gram tri-color violets -10 gr. and the grass handStcalving - 10 gr. pour 300 ml of water, after keeping the water bath for 20 minutes. Take 1/4 cup three times a day for 20 minutes before a meal. For the treatment of psoriasis in folk medicine, there are recipes for ointments.


The most effective revenue of the lencas and birch tar for the treatment of psoriasis.

Recipe 1: in a crust of herbs, the lencas, need to grind into powder, adding lard, in the proportion of 1:3 (better to use fat). Heat the ready ointment on a steam bath for 20 minutes, and lubrication sick plots.

Recipe 2: take 60 g of birch tar, 40 g vaseline, 50% alcohol tinctures sophora. Mix all and insist in a dark place for 12 days, shaking every day. Then, lubricate the dead of the place. When you do this also drink the oil of pumpkin seeds the morning on an empty stomach, for half an hour before a meal. – 5 months, and Allohol instructions.

For the lubrication appropriate, and butter apthNY drug). At all stages of the psoriasis effective general bath, the temperature is 38 degrees, from dyes of a train, daisy. Recommended frequent breaking of the dead places and ointment (herbal). After it, the body does not peel and does not itch, and restless, with calm (in accordance with the feedback of the patient of psoriasis, with 50 years of experience of the disease).

It is important to know that when psoriasis occur morphological and functional alterations in the human body: disturbances of the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, patients should be under constant pharmacy supervision and receive support, vitamin therapy, especially in the winter and spring. Rational and comprehensive for the treatment of psoriasis will give the opportunity of a long remission. God bless you!