The scalp psoriasis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Skin diseases extensive group of diseases, which, in addition to direct negative action on the human health, affect your psychological state. Highlights among dermatological diseases it is worth psoriasis chronic disease, the successful treatment, it still remains a challenge for physicians and a sine qua non condition for a quality life to the patients.

psoriasis in the head

Features located on the head of psoriasis

Often, the first area of the lesion of the skin when the psoriasis follicle becomes a part of the head. In some cases, the disease is restricted to this area, but more often, especially when there is no treatment, the new label with the time to appear in other locations of the body. Reasons due to which psoriasis affects the scalp, consider a specific structure of the skin in this area, as well as the inevitable daily detachment of the skin in the process of combing.

According to the statistics, the psoriasis develops in 1 out of 100 people, however, in different regions, this index is different. About 80% of patients can occur the defeat of the scalp, about one-fourth of them the disease is limited only to this area, with the time, spreading over the skin of the palms of the hands, the feet, the outer face of the joints and т. д.

Psoriasis that no one is immune, however, the clinical experience accumulated allows doctors to allocate risk groups. So, often the pathology observed in women, the initial phase of the disease is often determined in patients between 15 and 25 years. The risk for psoriasis up to date on people, parents, brothers or sisters that also suffer from this disease.


Psoriasis - a mysterious illness, to explain the emergence of which it is difficult even to modern scholars. Every year there are new theories about what causes an inflammatory reaction and the excess synthesis of skin cells in the body of the patients. Until now, the main hypothesis is genetic: according to her, some people have a innate predisposition to encourage the update of keratinocytes, which, in the case of manifestation of disease, leading to a reaction of the immune system. The result is a vicious circle: the more is made of new cells, which form the plaque, the greater will be the inflamed skin in this area (the body sees it as something чужеродное), and the more damage to the skin, under the influence of the cells of immunity - the largest will be divided кератиноциты.

In some cases, the launcher of departure for the development of the disease it becomes the pathology of the immune system, which in turn is the result of a strong stress or suffering from an infectious disease. Thus, observed that the HIV-infected and that psoriasis occurs in three times more than the average of the population.

This is interesting In the middle ages, the name tag on the body of patients called "roses of the devil". It was believed that these marks indicate a curse and can be transmitted to healthy persons, to the touch. The tragedy was that until the NINETEENTH century, the doctors have not distinguished between the psoriasis, leprosy, scabies and other skin diseases, therefore, all those who have suffered chronic skin diseases, cast out from society and forced to wear white dresses, they hide the body and the face, and the bells of warning around the "risk of infection".

As it seems to psoriasis in the head: the signs of defeat

Psoriasis of the scalp is also called seborrheic psoriasis, although this term is fair and, to the shock other areas of skin with high density of sebaceous glands — заушных areas, носогубных folds, chest and interblade area. The disease first manifests itself, generally, the skin, such as dandruff. The appearance of the plates accompanied by itching and the skin in this area is covered by silvery scales. It is important that when psoriasis — even with the strong inflammatory process — may not occur loss of hair, which is characteristic of this disease.

Psoriatic plaque tend to thicken and join the more great education — doctors call them "paraffin lakes". The skin under them easily traumatized and bleeds, therefore, the patient, despite the strong itchiness, avoid the desire to scratch the affected area.

In some forms of psoriasis plaque have reddish or even purple color, if the other — they are similar to blisters with transparent liquid. Disease and characteristic chronic progressive during periods of exacerbation are replaced by periods of remission, when symptoms subside, however, completely resolve all of the manifestations of the disease usually is not possible. In this case, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the psoriasis may be a slight cosmetic damage, not accompanied by unpleasant sensations and heavy heavy the state of the dough which prevents the personal life, work, and even limit the patient in their ability to self-service.

Characteristics of the treatment

Excellent british statesman Winston Churchill, who himself suffered from psoriasis, that, once, he promised to put the monument of pure gold man, that they take the medicine for this disease. Unfortunately, until now, a reliable method once and for all deal with this loss the skin has not been found. But this does not mean that the cure does not exist, the medicine offers a variety of tools to help ease the symptoms of psoriasis and improve the quality of life of the patient, extending the periods of rest of the skin without sudden exacerbations and recurrence.

The treatment of psoriasis of the scalp have the characteristics — in this form of external signs of disease more visible, and others (it is possible to hide under clothing), therefore, the patients experience expressed the psychological discomfort and seek all the ways to get rid of the plates. In addition, to seborrheic psoriasis, characterized by a sharp itching, therefore, a patient more times it is necessary symptomatic treatment, aimed at relieving pain in the affected area.

Exterior of medications in the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp

The medications available for immediate application on the affected area when the psoriasis, are individually selected. The patient should be prepared for the fact that the first tool, prescribed by the doctor, it will be inefficient — you need time to choose the best combination of effective drugs.

Hormonal medication

Drugs based on hormones and steroids are able to quickly relieve the inflammation and itching. Unlike steroids action system (applied in the form of tablets or injections, when severe forms of psoriasis), such as ointments and creams, not have expressed a byproduct of the action on the body. However, their regular use can adversely affect the health of the skin — in application many times it becomes colorless, becomes thin and vulnerable to the accession of secondary infection, which complicates the treatment. When long-term use, guide to the study of the scriptures (local) and steroids are able to cause a withdrawal syndrome — when, after the withdrawal of aggravation and cancellation of medication, the disease back with a bang, and with even more symptomatic. That is why there are a number of restrictions on the application of the guide to the scriptures steroids. You may not:

  • apply often and long-term (not more than 5 days);
  • applied on sensitive areas of skin (face, neck, folds), and also in large areas of skin lesions (more than 20% of its surface).

It is important, for the use of ointments, creams and shampoos based on glucocorticosteroids was performed only after consultation with the doctor.

Method non-hormonal creams and ointments

Improve the condition of the scalp when psoriasis can be and not have to resort to hormonal medication. The base of creams, ointments and shampoos that group — active substances, with an anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive, soothing and moisturising action: pyrithione zinc, tar, salicylic acid, kertiol and others. Your application is useful, regardless of the stage of the disease — they reduce the formation of plate, flaking, itching and of the inflammatory response.

The degree of effectiveness and security non-hormonal creams and ointments depends on the main active substance. Thus, preparations with a basis of zinc can be applied without any restrictions on frequency of use, while the tar tool to dry the skin, therefore, your preference, use 1-2 times per week, in conjunction with the moisturizing emulsions of the.


The patients, the time of people who suffer from psoriasis often turn to cosmetics, tools, in order to improve the appearance of the skin of the head, but does not have the medicine of action. This is all kinds of shampoos and oils designed to relieve irritation, soften the skin and make the shell plate less pronounced. To evaluate the real effectiveness of these instruments is not possible — especially when they are used in combination with the therapy proposed by the doctor.

Symptomatic treatment

Some medicines to help psoriasis of the scalp, are not able to change the course of the disease, however, significantly facilitate the condition of the patient. As factors that affect the activity of a disease process, and too, the meaning of the care of the general health of the patient, as well as the fight against the consequences of the disease (for example, infection of the affected skin or medication defeat for the liver).


The ultraviolet radiation reduces the manifestations of scalp psoriasis in many patients, therefore physical therapy, based on the use of artificial light, is an extremely popular method of treatment of this pathology.

When phototherapy ultraviolet spectrum IN (USE) applies to light with greater wavelength, which is visible to the human eye. Each session lasts a few minutes, but the full treatment takes 6 to 8 weeks.

PUVA therapy involves the combination of phototherapy with application on the skin photosensitizing substances. The patient is given drugs in the form of tablets or creams, and then comes the sessions of ultraviolet radiation of the spectrum А. This method is effective even with severe forms of psoriasis, however, in the long term, it is able to increase the risk of development of a patient of cancer of the skin.


The use of the factors of the environment — another important approach for the treatment of psoriasis. Stay in the resorts with the special weather conditions (the shore of the Dead sea, Caucasian mineral water and т. д.) promotes the elongation of periods of remission and relief of symptoms. Many patients point out the effect of the use of mud treatments and baths with herbs отварами, the application of bee products (apitherapy), and application naphthalene oil and other rare chemical compounds, that had been efficiency in complex therapy of skin diseases.

However, concrete recommendations does not exist — the success of the application of such techniques depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each patient.

Correction of the life style

Change of diet (product rejection, resulting in the worsening of psoriasis), the abandonment of the use of alcohol, regular physical education classes and psychotherapy, in order to decrease the level of anxiety, help patients with seborrheic psoriasis. Some patients point out that a healthy lifestyle helps not only to reduce the manifestations of the underlying disease, but and a general improvement in welfare, by eliminating the factors that cause other pathological state. In this aspect, it is important to follow the recommendations of your doctor and with a critical to refer to the advertising of a total failure of the medication in favor of non-conventional methods.

Patients with psoriasis, who often fall into depression of consciousness, which is the disease, appearing one day to stay with them for life. However, a positive attitude and active position in relation to new approaches to therapy contribute to the return of high quality of life and minimizes the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. No need to put up with psoriasis — this is only a problem with a variety of options solution. Do not let the disease ruin his life.

This is why it is important to start the treatment of seborrheic psoriasis in the shortest time possible?

Without a doubt, to permanently cure the psoriasis is not possible, but you can reduce the frequency and duration of exacerbations, if competent, and, in the main, it is time to begin the treatment at the first sign. When you do this, it is best to choose drugs, the efficacy and safety of validity confirmed by clinical studies.